first walk to fish (but caught nothing), then rain, but top it off with bbq!


Ahh, the beautiful sky, serene as it is. With the calm waves rolling gently against the sand laden beaches and the gentle breeze kissing everything it meets.

Only a thunderstorm was soon to erupt…while we were fishing!


I must say that today has been very eventful for me. I started my long walk, and a long walk I did for 2.74 km all the way to the jetty. Stood there with my fishing rod for 4+ hours but never caught anything. Best of all the rain was to come. Kinda a big joke that such a result came from all that walking. Oh well, If I fool myself into thinking that its my daily exercise, it won’t be too bad…I think.


Calm, serene beach with the gentle waves lapping against the shore


 My first catch of the day. A LEAF! and I lost my bait.


 Noel was rather lucky in catching this particular creature, with such a nice “mountainous” shell design. Must be the Gucci of the underwater world.


 Shawn trying his very best to dissect (clean) the sting ray

Still, the harvest wasn’t too bad if you consider that the 30+ fish catch was mostly made up of tambans, 1 eel, and 1 unnamed fish. The sting ray was kindly donated to us by an Uncle (or was it the Auntie?) who were also fishing at the jetty. Imagine the excitement we shared when a sting ray appeared. It was like “OMG, a Sting Ray. We Can BBQ That Later!” Only we forgot that for our BBQ, we ordered TONS of premarinated sting ray.


 Me & Kenny

I am Justin Pereira, he is Kenny Ng. Together we can for Kenny Pereira. Such a familiar name from Army Daze (local Singapore comedy movie about the Army). Cough Cough…


Ryan & Me

Apache Warriors Unite!

DSCF5885 DSCF5884

 Eddy & Alex

Alex brought his Lacrose stuff to play. One throw, One catch, One throw, One Catch….and so on….


 Koh Kiat, Ryan & Zhi Chiaw.

As others were playing, some were setting up the fire for the BBQ. We had two pits with plenty of charcoal and food to go around. But hmmm where were the drinks?


 Zhong Xian, Dong Bin & Leong Yan


Leong Yan & Dong Bin

I lent Leong Yan my camera to go around taking photos, but when I uploaded it I discovered that plenty of it contained his own shots with others (not that I can say anything about it) but its kinda like a Cam Frenzy!


 Koh Kiat & Me

Apache Warriors Unite!


 Javier & Leong Yan (again)

Mr. White Shoe (Javier), our residential party guy and eternal socialite organised the BBQ with Eddy. He did a good job though I expected to there to be more drinks. LOL.


 Kok Kun & Chen Feng

As my blog talks mostly about food and some creativity here and there, I reckon that one has to include Kok Kun (also known as Fishball) in the post. He is also one of the food connoisseurs. Particular preference to hand made goodies and dishes, and raises an eye brow at those factory made or shops with franchises. 


 Dong Bin, Chen Feng & Zhi Chiaw


 Me & Jeremy’s Knee (I mean Tnee, that’s his name)


 Leong Yan (again again), Yusri (looking attentively elsewhere, maybe Dong Bin’s ear?) & Dong Bin


 Zhong Xian in his best pose for the photo. Now, I wonder what Wei Bin (Left) and Alan are doing.


 Ryan, Fishball, Hidden Guy, Me, Derek & Zhi Chiaw.

Derek tries to jump while holding my neck, but ends up laughing instead.I really wonder who that mysterious eye belongs to. Kinda creepy.


 Alex & Noel (that’s LEON spelt backwards)

Alex holding on to an imaginary IDON’TKNOWWHAT and enjoying it with eyes closed. Noel imagining something sour is pushed into his mouth. Don’t you just love contrast?


 Leong Yan, Ryan, Fishball, Me & Arvin

Arvin said he would be meditating in the photo so apparently his eyes were left closed. Kok Kun (fishball) looks like he is ready to bite my ear, with his mouth so wide open won’t a fly just fly in?


Leong Yan & Me

Ok ok, this post is over so I need to pay tribute (no he is not dead nor is he high and mighty) to my photographer Leong Yan. A person excellent with a camera, but just be prepared to have plenty of memory cards filled with self shots.

Well. there were plenty of shots but I kinda forgot to take photos of the food. Wei Bin kept asking me to review the cooking and taste test the food but I was so engrossed in eating that it just slipped from my mind. Never mind, there will always be another BBQ.