Enjoying My Tom Yum Gung At Sabai Fine Thai Cuisine


The Christmas spirit is in the air! Down the streets of brightly lit Orchard Road, glittering decorations adorn the many trees and lamposts, while once foreboding ERP gantries and metal structures are now draped in coloured hues of red, green and blue.


Traditionally, Takashimaya squeezed in a gigantic Christmas tree that was as tall as three stories into the atrium. Very beautiful and stunning. I was at Takashimaya yesterday scouting about for a restaurant which I have yet to try and excite my tastebuds with. The warm tenderness in the air simply stirred the moment for that simple taste of comfort food. I longed for that memorable TV scene as I relax on the cozy couch in front of a roaring fire while enjoying that steaming mug of hot chocolate littered on the top with oozing marshmallows.


Walking past Sabai, my eye caught the dessert spread which was beautifully laid out in a gleaming spread around a warm red Thai influenced carving. I was deeply attracted to the myriad and well adorned display of desserts that I knew that this was the next establishment to take a step into.

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I was greeted warmly by the smartly dressed Captains, and while being ushered to my seat, the simple, yet delicate exquisite warmth of the establishment impressed me. Recommendations come at the snap of the finger and an extended effort is made to ensure that guests feel comfortable.


Dtom Yam Gung – Spicy and Sour Prawn Soup with Galangal, Lemongrass, Chillies, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Fish Sauce and Fresh Lime Juice ($18.50)

I was recommended the Dtom Yam Gung. Thick in a tangy flavour of a rich seafood stock, the sweet savoury umaminess of each sip warms the heart in a close rendering of a well played symphony. The prawns were huge, crunchy and soaked in Tom Yum goodness.


Pla Kao Sam Rod – Deep Fried Boneless Garoupa Topped With Three Flavoured Sauce ($34.50)

Another of the house specialty, the excellently crispy garoupa is coated with a sweet tomato based sauce with that spicy infusion of chillies and toasted bitter flavours of basil. Very nice that the fish is deboned for full enjoyment into the crisp meaty chunks.


Gang Daeng Bpet Yang Pollamai – “Sabai” Roast Duck Red Curry with Coconut Cream, Sweet Basil Leaves and Fresh Longan($20.50)

I was left most awed by the Roast Duck Red Curry. The meat is delicately immersed in a spicy red curry that is thick with a good portion of creamy spicy coconut milk, making it juicy and soaked with a full robust flavour. The crunchy baby egg plants adds a resounding neutral bite though I felt that too much taken will tart the palate. (To what I understand, the eggplants were there for flavour and not meant for consumption.) But the most interesting addition to the dish would be the liberal use of fresh longan to naturally sweeten the overall flavour.









For $8.00 per person and with the order of 2 main dishes, I had the opportunity to enjoy the wide spread of desserts I had spied on earlier. The spread had a varied assortment of Thai jellies, cakes, seasonal fresh fruits and a very good bowl of coconut infused Tau Suan lookalike. A bit high on price, but definitely worth it.


Sabai Authentic Fine Thai Cuisine has earned a valued place in my books. I yearn to find out more on what delicious cuisine they serve up. While certain dishes may be a bit pricey, for the service and delicacy the restaurant provides, I say that it is in fact value for money.

In this season of Thanksgiving, it is wonderful to enjoy such a good meal with loved ones all around.

IMG_4131 Sabai Authentic Thai Fine Cuisine
391B Orchard Road
Takashimay S.C.
Ngee Ann City #04-23
Tel : 6333 8491 (reservations are highly recommended)

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