Embrace Wealth Blossoming Into The Lunar New Year at Xin Cuisine, Holiday Inn Atrium Singapore!


Xin Cuisine Chinese Restaurant at the Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium has been one of my favourite Chinese restaurants to visit for the past few years now. And with the Lunar New Year of the Horse coming up in just a couple of days time, the restaurant is well up and prepared for a slew of delectable dishes to welcoming in wealth into the season. Enjoy items such as the Xin’s Superior Seafood Yusheng, Lobster and Fish Roe with Scrambled Egg, and the evergreen Award Winning “Home Style” Roast Duck with Tea Leaves. End off with some decadent bites with the Deep-Fried Soursop with Bailey’s Chocolate or the traditional Xin’s Nian Gao to capture the final moment. Sounds good already?



Welcome wealth into the new year elaborate presentation of Xin’s Superior Seafood Yusheng. The base salad comes shaped as a majestic horse made complete with eyes and hooves.


And at the side, to wow everyone, is an ice sculpture filled with fresh portions of sashimi to go with the yu sheng. Enjoy Xin’s Gold Leaf Australian Lobster, Salmon, Tuna, Japanese Sweet Prawn, Geoduck Clam and Ikan Parang. It is definitely a sight to behold.


The Superior Seafood Yusheng is available a la carte for $488, or included as part of the Auspicious Blossom Set Menu.


Service Staff Captain Lien Yoke Khuen preparing the Yusheng!


The Yu Sheng with all the ingredients poured in!


And the Lo Hei begins!!


Despite the Yu Sheng’s fancy presentation, the flavours tucked within are traditional and simple, with nothing overtly sweet or decadent. Instead, the salad is crisp and refreshing, with the sashimi portions adding that bit of textured sea sweetness to each bite.


The next dish of Double Boiled Dumpling Soup with Seafood and Truffle ($10) is a refreshing take to what would normally be a bowl of shark’s fin or bird’s nest in some savoury stock. Interestingly, the soup takes a slightly different twist with its inclusion of shaved black truffle to lightly ease out the heaviness with a scented fragrance.


The Lobster and Fish Roe with Scrambled Egg ($48/$72/$96) is a new creation made special for the new year. The scrambled egg is surprisingly tasty with a good amount of flavour complemented well with the lobster. I wish there was slightly more caviar to bring out colour and flavour in the dish though.


The Poached Garoupa with Fresh Mushroom in Superior Soup (by weight and market price) is a fantastic dish if not for its very homely presentation of a fish swimming in its own broth. Still, the fish is fresh and well scented with a savoury umami rich stock that is good to the last sip.


I particularly enjoyed the fresh pieces of fish breaking apart in sizeable firm yet tender chunks. Great!


The Traditional Pen Cai ($268/$368) makes a charming return in a grand claypot of superior ingredients and stock simmered for time immemorial (ok i jest). The Pen Cai of dried oyster, roast pork, abalones, prawns and more ingredients will go well on its own as a meal by itself or great to share with  bowl of steaming white rice. The flavour is not overly heavy and yet finely given a touch of intense braised savouriness.


A full thumbs up goes to the Home Style Roast Duck with Tea Leaves ($68 whole duck). The skin is probably the highlight here. It is smooth and crisp, with a unique smoky scent embroiled within. There is a thin layer of duck fat separating the meat from the skin, giving that extra oomph of flavour every now and then. Great with plum sauce, great on its own.


Desserts take a slightly different turn this Lunar New Year with the Deep Fried Soursop with Bailey’s Chocolate ($9 for 3 pieces).


I took the first bite and was wowed by its runny interior, sweet fruity flesh that carried a flavour that seemed like a cross of soursop and jackfruit and the crisp outer skin. It certainly is an order well worth having more than once. Those with the crave for something a little more traditional will be happy with the Deep Fried Xin’s Nian Gao ($9 for 3 pieces).

In sum, the line up at Xin Cuisine’s Lunar New Year signature highlights seem promising with its own take of creative flavours and textures in unique dimension that are apart from the norm. The visual appeal might not be its strongest factor but the dishes definitely make up for its own in flavour. A great way to welcome Spring into the season, with wealth blossoming with each dinner onwards.

Thank you Holiday inn Singapore Atrium for the invitation.

Xin Cuisine
Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium
317 Outram Road
Level 4
Singapore 169075
Tel: 6731 7109