Embrace A Treasure Trove of Endless Seafood Indulgences at The Westin, Singapore!

The Westin Singapore - Singapore-style Chili Crabs

Located on the 32nd floor of Asia Square Tower 2, Seasonal Tastes at the Westin commands an impressive view of Singapore’s bay area and even boasts vistas of the glimmering lights towards the Esplanade. Getting up to the restaurant though, first requires a little discovery.

Standing at what I could only assume was the elevator, I glanced around for a button to call it to the first floor. After about fifteen seconds of searching and nearly wandering accidentally into the washroom, a cheerful receptionist walked over and helpfully pressed a circular shape on the façade of a nearby set of drawers, in a manner which suggested that prodding furniture was only the most natural thing in the world. So just like a clip from a James Bond film, the evening began and I knew that it was already going to be fun one.


“Seafood Indulgence” is a seasonal themed buffet at Seasonal Tastes that features an impressive spread of seafood that brings to mind the vastness of our oceans. Start off at the sushi counter, where chefs prepare glistening pieces of sashimi and sushi of all shapes and forms. Not far away is the oyster deck, where you’ll find a variety of oysters that range from the large and meaty to the small and creamy. For those who prefer their mollusks on the warm side, the baked oysters and scallops are very tempting alternatives.


Now the centerpiece of the Seafood Indulgence buffet is the live grilling station, where the freshest seafood is both chosen by you and cooked right before your eyes. So fresh was the seafood that you could see several crabs still moving about on the ice. We chose some bamboo clams, which we decided to have steamed with garlic. They turned out incredibly tasty—light, sweet and very addictive. Other excellent choices from the live station include slipper lobster cooked with a piquant black pepper sauce, teriyaki salmon skewers, and the fresh garoupa. We asked the chef to recommend us a style for the garoupa we had selected, and he surprised us pleasantly with a dark, fragrant sauce that hinted at curry leaves and soy. The grilling station also offers cuts of striploin and lamb that can be cooked to a doneness of your choice, but with the sheer variety of seafood available, it felt a bit of a shame to abandon the surf for the turf on a day like this.


Some crowd-pleasers of the day include the foot-long salt baked fish, with its moist flesh and accompanying spicy-savory wing bean sauce. The laksa station was similarly popular for its rich, complex gravy and crunchy shrimp. Seasonal Tastes’ signature chilli crab was also a hit, with sauce that was tangy, nicely spicy, and a prime candidate for dipping with fluffy fried mantous.

My personal favourite however, was the Alaskan crab chowder—a deeply robust bisque with the delicate perfume of crustaceans. Alongside are generous chunks of crabmeat salad, tomato salsa, crème fraiche and parmesan shavings that can be added to your chowder to make an already great soup really shine.


While such a smorgasbord of seafood may be quite something to take in, do leave some space at least for dessert and the captivating creations of Seasonal Tastes’ in-house pâtissier. The home-made gelatos are excellent; consider combining the creamy avocado and rich dark chocolate gelatos for a lusciously smooth duo. Alternatively, freshen up the dark chocolate with a scoop of tangy blood orange gelato. The pastries are equally excellent, with morsels like black forest brownies and caramel tarts that are as delicious as they are pretty.

They say that 71% of the Earth’s surface is covered in water, so just imagine the treasure trove of potential discoveries out there for the seafood lover. From 5th-16th May, Seasonal Tastes is pulling all the stops to acquaint their guests with the sheer bounties of the oceans. With just one weekend window of opportunity remaining, it’d be shellfish for us to not share the opportunity with you.

Seafood Indulgence runs from 5-16th May, 6 – 10pm at Seasonal Tastes, and is priced at $72++ from Mondays to Thursdays, and $88++ from Fridays to Sundays.

Thank you The Westin Singapore for the invitation.

Seasonal Tastes
The Westin Singapore
12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961
Reservations: 6922 6888