Discovery of Black Gold & Market Politics

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The title of this article might sound like a Case Study from an Economics Lesson but I am really talking about Black Gold a.k.a Buah Keluak. Yes, those pebble looking nuts above are the very nuts you find in the most famous Peranakan Dish Ayam Buah Keluak.


Ayam Buah Keluak from Straits Chinese Restaurant (Click here to read my review)

After a tip from a well trusted friend (no no I did not employ a spy), I managed to acquire slightly over 2kg of Buah Keluak from the dry goods market opposite Golden Landmark Hotel.

Market Politics wise, I visited the area slightly during the evening where only a row of shops were about to close. Asking around if they sold any Buah Keluak, one stall owner said that there was a stall which sold the treasured nut but they only sold it only in bulk and not to end consumers. Other stall owners said they did not know. It is only when I approached a stall whose owner was slowly packing up when he said that he did sell the Buah Keluaks.


Just imagine, all of them are neighbours for so many years but when it comes to make a profit, well you know what happens. The true Market politics and not the ones on Wall Street or the Singapore Stock Exchange.

Anyway for my buah keluak I can’t wait to start cooking it in the couple of weeks to come.


 The packing of Salted Fish. A rare sight in now urban Singapore.

My mum was interested in visiting the Straits Chinese restaurant which I reviewed earlier so we stopped by. Besides ordering the favourites in the Buffet menu, we also took the liberty to try out some of the other dishes available during the current promotion period. ( I made that bold so that you know it is only for a limited time )

DSCF7041 I reasoned the chef was being a little creative yesterday so out came a dish of laksa goreng in fiery spiciness and generous portions of prawns. Literally Pang (fragrant) it was good. Don’t know if it will end up on the buffet menu.


The sambal udang petai is part of the standard buffet menu but I missed this out the other time I went to review the restaurant. The prawns were fresh and crunchy to the bite with the sambal adding a spicy kick to the overall flavour. Don’t miss biting onto the petai (stink beans) while you are at it, but you might not want to kiss your girlfriend after that no matter how much of a nutritious vegetable it is.


Chincalok Telur (Fried egg with chincalok) was one of the many new items on the promotional buffet menu. Fragrant fried egg and quite savoury, though I felt that more chincalok should be used. Anyway, it is still a sure hit for the kids.


I particularly enjoyed the Sotong Tumis. The chef fried the sotongs first leaving a crunchy and crispy bite to each piece. Further coated with a strong mix of curry powder and spices, it was the degustation of a heavenly combination.


Straits Chinese has its roots from Hainanese Chefs so the Hainanese pork chop should come as no surprise from this heritage group. The meat pieces were crispy on the outer coat and yet juicy and savoury in the meat. Though I felt the sauce was not tomatoish enough, it was still good and delicious.


The Durian Pengat was one dish that could be ordered only once on the promotional buffet menu. There was a thick texture of durian and in each spoonful you can feel the fibre still present. Definitely an indication of it being lovingly prepared by hand. Sweet and hearty. I like =)

These are not all the items available on the menu, you can read my full article by clicking here. For 18.88++ (T&C applies), there is a wide spread to choose from. So till then =)

13 June