Din Tai Fung Unveils Its Mooncake Collection For The 2013 Mid-Autumn Festival!


Din Tai Fung is proud to debut a selection of its own mooncakes this Mid-Autumn Festival! Baked to perfection, each golden brown piece is lovingly hand-crafted with an intricate floral motif. The two traditional baked skin mini mooncakes come in flavours of White Lotus Seed Paste with Taiwan Songshan Pineapple Filling and White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Seeds, Orange Peels and Quarter Yolk. With specially sourced ingredients incorporated into the recipe list, these mooncakes are set to appeal to both the young and youthful at heart.


Indulge in the intricate floral motif hand-crafted on each piece of mooncake 


The mooncakes in a bag and ready as a gift.

 IMG_1508 IMG_1513

The packaging for the mooncakes is simple, yet elegant. The folds can be lifted from the centre to reveal the four mooncakes nicely positioned within.


The first mooncake of White Lotus Seed Paste with Pine Seeds, Orange Peels and Quarter Yolk is the restaurant’s rendition of the white lotus seed paste with salted yolk classic that is widely available. The crust is firm, slightly and crumbly, only to reveal the smooth white lotus seed paste within. The quarter yolk for a mini mooncake makes sense because of its dimutive size but the appeal for a whole yolk is always there. I couldn’t really partake in any slivers of orange peel as it was possibly overpowered in flavour by the rest of the ingredients. However, the petite nature of the mooncake is its strongest appeal for those who love to indulge but also want to just nibble a bit.


Din Tai Fung 


The other flavour of  White Lotus Seed Paste with Taiwan Songshan Pineapple Filling is a new one for me. The mooncake’s centre is a stuffed filling of Taiwan Songshan Pineapple paste, leaving a unique tangy slightly acidic taste to the overall sweetness and fragrance. Its natural sweet citrus livens the mooncake a notch in both flavour and texture, making this the more exciting offering of the two varieties.

The mooncakes from Din Tai Fung are currently available at $23.80 for a box of four mini mooncakes, containing two flavours each. It will be available from now till the 19th of September at all Din Tai Fung outlets in Singapore. With purchases of a minimum of 2 boxes, customers are entitled to a 10% discount. For more information, do visit their website at www.dintainfung.com.sg!

Thank you Din Tai Fung for the mooncakes!