DBS Indulge The Underground Supper Club at Absinthe!


The DBS Indulge Underground Supper Club is the exclusive event to be at if you want to discover how renowned Chefs define what it means to create “food for the soul”. Presented by both DBS Indulge and the Asian Food Channel, last week’s Supper Club saw guests making their way to Absinthe at Boat Quay to partake in the exquisite creations crafted by Chef Gunther Hubrechsen. The three hour event held till slightly before midnight featured a 6 course dinner menu whipped up specially for the night, with each dish excellently complemented with the perfect wine.


The crowd getting ready for the exclusive one night only event at Absinthe!


Welcome to The Underground Supper Club!


After everyone was welcomed to the dinner, the service staff brought out a serving of bread and butter to start with. As I recall during my last visit to Absinthe in December, I was enthralled by the butter used. Buttery smooth, luscious, with a sweet and slightly nutty flavour that simply went well with the side of bread. This time round, I had to ask the staff what butter was being used. And now you got it.


To start off the meal proper, we were served the Saint-Jacques. This carpaccio of Hokkaido Scallops, Lemon Dressing, Aquitaine Caviar and Fresh Fava Beans was luxuriously smooth. Although the scallops were a little heavy in sea flavours and aromatics, the overall profile was sweet and meaty, nicely complemented with the use of caviar to round off the flavours. Paired with the Petit Chablis 2012 Domaine Brocard.


The Pieuvre was a serving of Roasted Mediterranean Octopus that carried a lovely charcoal scented flavour and crisp texture. Each portion was tender, and excellently paired with the Red Pepper and Espelette Aioli. Paired with the Petit Chablis 2012 Domaine Brocard.


The Petit Chablis 2012 Domaine Brocard


Personally, the show really took off for me when Chef brought out the Catabineros. The stunning use of colour with the Palamos Red Prawns a la Plancha, Heirloom Tomatoes and Seaweed Emulsion was a visual feast. I highly recommend trying this dish if you ever get the chance. While it may not look exceptionally complicated, the secret lies in how sweet and tender each individual prawn is. The meat was flavourful, and the bitter, sweet and umami rich essence within the prawn’s head was just waiting to up the ante even more. I wondered how Chef prepared this dish as this received a whole hearty thumbs up from me. Pair this dish with the Bourgogne White 2010 Mischief and Mayhem.


The classic Foie Gras Poele. Pan-fried foie gras is served atop a slice of gingerbread and a side of spiced green apple to cleanse the flavours off the palate. A traditionally French dish that is beautifully executed in order to reveal the nutty, sweet fatty flavours within. Paired with the Chateau Riviere 2009 Sauternes.


Another top recommendation is the Boeuf Wagyu. While I would have preferred my wagyu with just a touch my marbling throughout for that intense, compartmentalization of flavours, the real deal here was the Steamed Zucchini Flower that acted as garnish. Stuffed with pine nuts and what I guess would be ricotta cheese, the whole flower was edible from stem to petal. The zucchini flower stem was grassy sweet and fresh, only to be surprised with another flavour distinctions from the stuffed flower. Overall, another thumbs up for this dish. Paired with the Chateau l Ermitage 2009 Medoc.IMG_7091

Desserts for the night included the Fraises Ciflorettes of fresh seasonal strawberries, clotted cream and almond crumbs. I had a slightly mixed opinion about this. Although I enjoyed the slightly sweet strawberries, having that with just the rather neutral tasting clotted cream seemed a little out of place. That was till I discovered you had to thoroughly enjoy the strawberries, cream and almond crumbs together as the crumbs carried the most sweetness. Perhaps a slight presentation reimagination could be endeavoured. Paired with the Maury 2011 Terre de Fagayra. IMG_7034

A behind the scenes moment at this Underground Supper Club as Chef welcomed everyone to the dinner. IMG_7079

Me and Chef Francois Mermilliod

Chef Francois’ philosophy towards cooking is to “bring out the best flavours of the produce, enhancing their natural profiles through unique combinations”. It was a position deftly presented through each of the dishes at the DBS Indulge Underground Supper Club event. The entrees of Catabineros and Boeuf Wagyu stood out as the best dishes for the night, with a creative use of the freshest and finest ingredients in order to bring what Chef’s imagined of the dish, to life. A very enjoyable event and a memorable night. I look forward to seeing what else DBS Indulge, the Asian Food Channel, and even Absinthe has to offer!


If you are a DBS/POSB Credit or Debit Cardmember, look out for the next supper club hosted at Gunther’s Restaurant especially just for you on the 27th of June 2014 (Friday). Registration starts from 27th May – 24th June 2014 at the Asian Food Channel Website. S$150 nett per pax without wine pairings. S$200 nett per pax with wine pairings. It would truly be an experience to check out what does one of Asia’s Top 20 Finest Restaurants (The Miele Guide) has to offer for its guests.

Thank you DBS and the Asian Food Channel for the invitation.


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