Dance into the Splendours of Spring at Li Bai, Sheraton Towers Singapore!


The Splendours of Spring beckons upon Li Bai this year with a slew of delectable classics ranging from the exquisite Lobster Yu Sheng Loh Hei Platter to the Eight Treasures Duck with Abalone. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Executive Chef Chung Yiu Ming has prepared 9 exclusive dine-in celebratory menus for various group sizes this year. As the Lunar New Year is a season where families and friends reunite and gather, all in the same spirit to rejoice and usher in another bountiful year of prosperity, a round of good food is always symbolically delightful. Curious to find out what are some of the highlights? 


With the Year of the Goat upon us, Li Bai’s Lobster Yu SHeng Loh Hei Platter has adopted the classic Chinese character to quickly impress the occasion’s festivities.


Fresh Lobster is used exclusively in addition to salmon sashimi for this Lobster Loh Hei Platter. A beautiful and simple combination with sweet and crisp flavours to welcome the annual return of bountiful excess. The classic Salmon Loh Hei Platter starts from $52++ and additional ingredients ranging from more salmon sashimi, ikan parang, shredded abalone and lobster can be requested.


A special touch to the the lineup is the Scallop and Mushroom Crystal Dumpling, and the Shrimp and Crabmeat Crystal Dumpling. Juicy and sweet, with a crunchy refreshing bite that epitomizes the kitchen team’s dim sum finesse. Although the dumpling sticking the plate was not very ideal for picking up with a pair of chopsticks.


I truly have to give my compliments to the Chef for his Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fish Maw, Morel Mushroom, Pearl Meat, Bamboo Pith and Tientsin Cabbage. This is one dish that I highly recommend going back for. While the range of ingredients may seem select, it is the shimmering clear soup that is brimming with flavour that leaves you wanting more. I was very impressed by the technique used to bring out the essence of each ingredient. The fish maw as depicted in this picture was simply a delight to savour bit by bit. Excellent.


The Sauteed Lobster served in Crispy Rice Basket was a standout for the use of fresh lobster, a simple stir fry and a gentle gloss that makes the dish a pleasure to gaze at. Just don’t bite into the cut pieces of ginger which I mistakenly thought was a root vegetable of sorts.


Li Bai’s signature Eight Treasures Duck with Abalone is definitely not one to be missed. When I took this picture from the serving table, I was anticipating the moment when I could dig in. The gorgeous shiny brown, black and contrasting green was almost like an abstract painting in its own right. The aromatics from the dish was simple yet splendid, and the flavours a hearty umami that deserves a quiet savour.


End the meal with a portion of Pan-fried Nian Gao and Waster Chestnut Cake served alongside some tea. While I thought the Water Chestnut Cake was a tad sweet, it was well complemented with the side of bitter fresh tea served that toned down the flavour. The Pan-fried Nian Gao on the other hand was a joy to dig through. Although it is common to buy or receive Nian Gao by the boxes, it is always the single, simple slice that is gently pan-fried that will ensure the best return of flavour and enjoyment. Excellent. And oh, did I mention the slight coconut aromatic infused within?


Li Bai has constantly maintained its standards year after year. It is definitely ranked as one of my favourite Chinese restaurants to visit in Singapore. Its setting and exquisite culinary dishes make it ideal for families, friends or businesses partners looking to welcome the New Year with a little more class and flair. I heartily recommend the Double-boiled soup, the Eight Treasures Duck and ending it off with some Nian Gao. Delectable dishes that reflect skill, and years of experience and dedication.

Thank you Sheraton Towers Singapore for the invitation

Li Bai
Sheraton Towers Singapore
39 Scotts Road
Singapore 228230
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