Crystal Jade Xiao Long Bao & Steamboat Buffet – Hungry?


Every 17th of July for the past 4 years, my Junior College class will gather and celebrate the class’s birthday. Aptly due to our own class being 17/07, this annual affair has been one where old friends meet to wine, dine and have fun together.

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This year, we had our class’s birthday at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao restaurant at Holland Village. Whats exciting is that this restaurant features a Xiao Long Bao and Steamboat Buffet. So if you were one who goes after Xiao Long Baos, fresh steamboats with the classic hearty broths from Crystal Jade, this is like a Godsend.

The second floor of the restaurant is catered to the steamboat and dumpling buffet guests. And while I have to admit it is a little cramp, it all adds to the flavour and spice of enjoying a rustic close dining ambience together like any good ol’ traditional Chinese restaurant.

All of us either opted for the Pork Bone White Broth or the Spicy Chilli Soup. Admittedly, I actually forgot the names of the soups available for the steamboat so I randomly came up with some of my own. But they were nevertheless very good!

The buffet is lovingly priced at $24.60 per adult once inclusive of all taxes and the variety is very impressive. This is without mention of the very fresh meats available, free 100g of tiger prawns per guest, endless flow of xiao long bao and certain dumplings, a ball frenzy with sotong balls, fish balls, chicken balls, beef balls and even the traditional favourites like pig skin, squid, intestines, and so much more.

The Xiao Long Bao at this restaurant is perhaps the first time I have tried it from any Crystal Jade outlet. Rougher in texture, this dumplings carried a hand formed meat ball within which was a little too large for my liking and the juice was a bit skimpy. But no complains when you think that for a buffet, you can finish 6-7 baskets of 5 XLB without feeling any guilt (monetarily)

Reservations are recommended here and it was exceptionally crowded on the Saturday night we went. Just imagine a queue was also snaking its way from the entrance. Service from the restaurant was acceptable and decent.


It was a fantastic dinner and this is definitely a place I will bring my guests to dine again.

Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao
241 Holland Ave
Holland Village
Tel : 6463 0968
Opens From :
Mon – Fri 11am –10.45pm
Sat – Sun 10.30am – 10.45pm

P.S its best to grab a bus service from Buona Vista MRT Station and head to the place.