Crystal Jade New Year Specialties, Fresh from the Kitchen!

This Chinese New Year, Crystal Jade is serving up some traditional savoury and sweet delights all in one giant gift set – the Eternal Bliss Gift Set. It was a huge package that came and I wondered what could very well be inside. The set consisted of Carrot Cake, Yam Cake, Water Chestnut Cake, Pandan Aloe Vera Cake and Glutinous Rice Cake and would aptly make a gift or even to serve as starters to guests as they start to stream into the house.

The packaging is very neatly done and as I understand, each set is fresh from the kitchen and have to be consumed within 3 days.

I sliced the cakes up and steamed them. For the Carrot Cake, I have to admit it is one of the best I’ve had so far. Soft, fresh and fluffy with a full bodied savoury flavour. The carrot cake carried bits of preserved sausage fat within for that extra burst of juices and flavour and the fragrance is without doubt very appealing. The set available at $37.80 makes this one very worthy buy to entertain guests with.

Of course, pineapple tarts had to make an appearance.

Ta-Dah!! Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts ($14.80,$16.80,$30.80)

Pineapple tarts are given a new style this time round with the crust reminiscent of Bo Lo buns. With a crumbly crispy top “hat” and a buttery smooth shell, only to reveal the sweet slightly tart pineapple filling on the inside, these Fortune Bo Lo Pineapple Tarts are a fascinating creation to me. I initially thought it was cookies because of its crispiness, but now thinking back, I think I would love to have more. Gold Leaf varieties are also available for purchase for that extra sparkle.

More Lunar New Year goodies are available at Crystal Jade. Pineapple tarts are only available at My Bread Outlets only.

Crystal Jade Chinese New Year Specialties Brochure available here

Thank you Crystal Jade and Linea Communications.