CP Foods – Great Instant Delights For The Party To Come!

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It’s been a very long time since I last had frozen food. As most of my meals are cooked from fresh ingredients, the freezer was meant to store leftovers rather than dishes that could be prepared instantly. Still, as I hosted a few dinner parties with close friends and families before I flew off to the United States a couple of days ago, I found it particularly convenient to add a dish or two prepared from these frozen instant delights. CP Foods is one company out there with an increasing range of convenience foods that will certainly delight you by helping a little in the rush to prepare just so much. And it will be especially useful with the Lunar New Year upcoming in just slightly over a weeks time.

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Being a keen fan of all things dumplings, I was quite delighted when I saw these packets of Shrimp and Vegetable Mandoo. Prepared easily either by boiling, steaming, pan frying or deep frying, these dumplings are great party favours for the main meal to come. CP Food’s signature Shrimp Wanton is also delectable with their wholesome prawn wantons both crunchy and savoury sweet. 

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Japanese Crispy Gyoza

I’ve yet to open all the packets, but they definitely look tempting!

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Burger Steak Teriyaki – I’ve yet to try this as I do not have a microwave oven at the moment. Perhaps when I get back to Singapore.

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Shrimp Steak Burger with Mayo Sauce

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Chicken Gyoza – I found these comparable with the vegetable and shrimp mandoos. Cooks slightly faster though.

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New – Breaded Fish in Tamarind Sauce with Jasmine Rice

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These are some of CP Food’s newest offerings on the market. There is the CP Vegetarian Stir-Fried Holy Basil with Rice, the CP Vegetarian Yakisoba, and the CP Breaded Fish in Tamarind Sauce with Jasmine Rice. All yet to be tried but I’m sure they will make a quick meal for those returning late from work at night or simply craving a little more for supper. Their products are currently available at major supermarkets and convenient stores around Singapore. Looks good!

Thank you CP Foods for the products!