CNY Reunions at Red House Seafood since 1976!


The name Red House Seafood is no stranger to the seafood dining scene in Singapore. With its roots beginning at Upper East Coast Road, the restaurant has since expanded to a central outlet located along Prinsep Street. For this season’s Lunar New Year, Red House Seafood is taking a step further in making that reunion a touch easier with their Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Sets. Those intending to dine in will have new and traditional favourites to choose from – though the real steal for me was the final dessert of the night: The Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lime Sherbet.


The Reunion Takeaway Tiffin Set which serves six persons is available from 25 January to 22 February 2016, and is priced at $188++. It comes in a three-tiered tingkat carrier and is filled with three dishes: Sauteed Fresh Lily Bulbs, Wild Mushrooms with Asparagus; Sauteed Trio of Seafood with Pineapple in Chef’s Spicy Sauce; Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce. Also packed separately is a platter of Prosperity Raw Salmon Yu Sheng and a hearty serving of Steamed Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf.


The Sauteed Trio of Seafood is a medley of Whole Scallops, Grouper Fillet and Prawns tossed together in a “Peranakan-inspired” spicy sauce that is rich in savoury heartiness, tinged with the addition of freshly cut pineapples, greens and crisp red pepper. With flavours that is both warm and comforting, this dish is a quick favourite for the table.


I was, however, not as taken for the Braised Pork Belly with Special Sauce. The 600g meat looked appetizing, but was a tad dry – not as buttery as what I would have imagined in a pork belly. A tangy-sweet sauce made from reduced lemon juice, fresh oranges and herbs completes the dish.


The Steamed Fried Rice Wrapped in Lotus Leaf is a traditional favourite that comes in one form or another at many Chinese restaurants this time of year. This particular portion is filled with mushrooms, chestnuts, yam and lap chiong. Decent, though the dish could do with a touch more seasoning or green chilli by the side.


When it was first presented, I was impressed with the Stewed Ginseng Chicken Wrapped with Cabbage. The ginseng aromatics was distinct, whetting my appetite for the first bite. And if I had it my way, I would have gathered the sweet cabbage leaves infused with Chinese rice wine onto my plate.


The restaurant’s signature Scottish Blue Lobster with Creamy Custard Sauce was an interesting attempt in merging varied flavours together and presented in a single dish. Although the idea of creamy custard paired with anything seems mouthwatering, I thought the sauce was a little too thin and unimpactful when paired with the stronger and more pronounced sea sweet blue lobsters.


My favourite dish for the night has to go to the Chilled Lemongrass Jelly with Lime Sherbet. From all the hearty dishes presented, having a serving of refreshing serai and acidic lime uplifts the senses – making this a perfect way to end the meal.


Red House Seafood will remain a family favourite for those familiar with the brand. Its 40 years of experience and history reflects how the restaurant has probably served families throughout the generations. The food, traditional and sometimes a little off-polished, reminds me of that home-cooked meal effortlessly put in by the chef(s) in the kitchen. Strangely enough, while the dishes are not necessarily stellar, its presence reminds me of the essence of this festive season.

Thank you Red House Seafood for the invitation.

Red House Seafood
68 Prinsep Street
Singapore 188661
Reservations: 6336 6080
Opening Hours
Mon to Fri 11.30am to 2.30pm; 5pm-11pm
Sat, Sun & PH 11am to 11pm

Restaurant is closed on the first day of the Chinese New Year 8th Feb 2016