Clarity Calls Upon Kuriya’s Sashimi Moriwase Set


I have always yearned to quench the palate with something smooth, delicate and refreshing. It is perhaps me being a food blogger that after trying out the many kinds of delicacies that sometimes it gets a little too “exotic”. And when the urge comes about, my mind would naturally drift to the realms of the Japanese and their sashimi.

Sashimi in its own right has its unique interpretation. While some may abhor the sheer thought of raw fish and seafood, it is also appreciated as a clear representation of the vast spread of the ocean and the lull of hearing waves gently rushing against the sea rock. A crisp, firm bite, one that will reveal the tender sweetness and complex textures, is definitely what I will look forward to.

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Kuriya is perhaps the more family oriented and casual crowd branch of the corporate and fine dining main restaurant Kuriya Dining. A decent menu of sets and ala carte dishes are available. For me, I called for the Sashimi Moriwase Set at $26 and mum had the Salmon Salad at $11.80.
I would say that the Salmon Salad reminds me strongly of the “Yu Sheng” enjoyed throughout the periods of the Lunar New Year. With the fresh salmon sashimi, shreds of vegetables, a sprinkle of crackers and topped with a tangy yet slightly spicy salad sauce, it was still refreshing though a little too strong in taste for my liking.
For $26, the portions of the Sashimi Moriwase set seems a little…well..small. However, I feel that to enjoy the cooling complexities of sashimi it is important that there is minimal adulteration in taste, to the overall presentation and flavour.

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The set is started off simply with a serving of salad and chawanmushi. Firm bites for the salad with no sauce overladen in taste. Chawanmushi was also smooth and silky with the wooden spoon adding a wooden and earthen reality to the famed steamed egg.

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Side dishes are also given to contrast the flavours every now and then with the sashimi. There is the seasoned seaweed which is naturally a little salty and rich in umami flavours. Pickled vegetables akin to the Korean kimchi gives the tang and crunch after each bite.


The sweet prawn (amaebi) stands very well on its own. Well presented, the meat is delicately sweet though a little fluffy. I would have preferred it firmer and crisp.

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Salmon is without doubt very good. Served generously is firm, thick slices, it goes very well with the base of perrila leaf.

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I would have to say that for the 5 different types of sashimi presented in the set, I enjoyed each and every one of them. Each piece was cool, refreshing and reminiscent of that frothy sea which is imaginable after each bite. While there were hits in the sashimi, the only miss was the dismal wasabi used. I would have expected the original root of the vegetable to be grated and not the mix from powdered fermented horseradish.


For those who prefer counter dining, there are seats available to observe the chefs behind skillfully carving out the slices of fresh sashimi.

There are so many items on the menu which I have yet to savour, and I believe that this will not be the only time which I will be going to Kuriya. They even have a new fine dining Kuriya Penthouse at Orchard Central, now perhaps that would be even better? Hmmm, maybe they even have my grated wasabi over there =)

IMG_2066 Kuriya @ Raffles City
#B1-06/07 Raffles City
252 North Bridge Road
Tel : 6883 2020
Opens Daily : 1130am – 1000pm

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