Chiso Zanmai, Seasonal Japanese Buffet, Kaiseki Style!

Chiso Zanmai Japanese Buffet Restaurant located at a cozy corner within The Central is the newest offering for Japanese buffet lovers starting this quarter. Originating from Osaka, Japan, Chiso Zanmai takes over the former premises of Fisherman’s Market and has a spectrum of dishes from Yakimono, Agemono, Okonomiyaki. Sushi, Sashimi and a repertoire of hot Japanese dishes to tickle the tastebuds of every guest!

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Perhaps the most unique attribute upon my first step into the restaurant was me noticing the range of dishes already set up with many of them in their individual portions, plated in the Japanese bowls you will come to aspect of a full fledged Japanese Kaiseki dinner. Also, the menu at the restaurant is expected to change seasonally with specials being offered up now and then to sate the hungry tummy. In March and April, signature items such as Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki will be made available for each table. Hungry yet?


The grand Bonsai tree adorning the restaurant. Be careful not to get struck by the branches though as I got hit twice (which was quite stiff) and nearly lost my balance.


My First Kaiseki

Ok, I might not be an expert on what dishes should I arrange first to simulate the entire experience of a starter, entree, so on and so forth. But since this is a dessert, I guess it would look pretty good to place my favourites into one of those large trays and then slowly enjoy each dish. 

IMG_3706 IMG_3707IMG_3709 IMG_3713

I particularly enjoyed the Japanese curry for its slightly spicy sweet salty flavour, and in a composition that went extremely well with Japanese rice. What also struck me was the extreme sweet and flavourful beef potato stew (bottom left), fantastique!


Takikomi Gohan

The combination of vegetables, mushrooms and meat together with soy sauce in the portion of Japanese rice was a tasty creation, though it’s lukewarm serving could be upped a notch to steaming hot and I reckon the flavours would be more fully appreciated.


My Second Kaiseki

Ok, second round and the set is starting to look a little not like a Kaiseki but just a mix of dishes onto my tray. The sashimi was generally good, though the tuna was a little lacklustre in shine and flavour.

IMG_3728 IMG_3723


My Third Kaiseki

IMG_3736 IMG_3737

Special mention really has to go to the Chawanmushi here. The texture of the egg custard was a first for me to literally melt in the mouth yet being firm and smooth with each scoop. Very well flavoured with a strong yet delicate savoury essence spread throughout, this is perhaps for me, simplicity redefined.


Corn Tofu (Back Left), Matcha Tofu (Back Right)

The Corn Tofu was also good with that nutty sweet flavour distinctive of the yellow vegetable. However the Matcha tofu was not my favourite because of its strong musky natural bitter taste which was too loud for me.


The special for yesterday’s visit was the Nabeyaki Udon. Typically, udon noodle cooked in a clear intensely flavoured soup, this was pretty good if not the tad sweetness which might not appeal to some.


Still, I enjoyed this though my friend Brian complained that this was his first time having the dish without the egg cracked within. (I clearly forgot about the eggs and was a little too lazy to go back to take it.)


Now, enough of me, for a buffet it is time to feast your eyes on the spread of items made available on the table.


IMG_3664 IMG_3656


IMG_3633 IMG_3691IMG_3693 IMG_3628

IMG_3637 IMG_3640IMG_3659 IMG_3688




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The dining experience at Chiso Zanmai is generally set for a diverse range of guests. Its spread allows you to try a bit of everything, though certain traditional favourites like Sashimi and its dessert spread are a little limited. For its price, starting affordably at $14.90++ (adult) lunch on weekdays, the quality and quantity of its unique spread is well set to cater to varied tastebuds while providing a Japanese buffet experience carved into a different niche on its own. Time for something refreshing in the family Japanese buffet scene? Chiso Zanmai looks set to impress.

Thank you Word of Mouth Communications for the invitation

Chiso Zanmai
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#02-17 The Central
Singapore 059817

Opens From :
Lunch 12pm-3pm Daily
Dinner 6pm – 10pm Daily

Pricing :
Monday to Friday
Adult : $14.90++ Child : $9.90++ Senior : $12.90++
Saturday, Sunday & PH
Adult : $19.90++ Child : $9.90++ Senior : $17.90++

Sunday to Thursday, PH
Adult : $24.90++ Child : $14.90++ Senior : $22.90++
Friday-Saturday, Eve of PH
Adult : $29.90++ Child : $14.90++ Senior : $27.90++

Free Flow drinks additional at $1.90++