“Chef, the food is great”: Bridge Restaurant & Bar

Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu and Fennel Spice

From Seah Street, it is a little difficult to spot Bridge Restaurant & Bar. But its nondescript appearance belies how cosy and comfortable it is: step inside and you’ll realize Bridge makes a great spot for romantic dinners and intimate gatherings. The lights are dimmed just so; the staff is unobtrusive; and the place stocks a decent selection of fine wines and beers. Bridge offers a three and five-course dinner menu daily (available 6 to 9 pm), with a separate wine pairing option. Prices vary according to the dishes that are featured; its culinary team told me proudly that they revamp the menu every few weeks to incorporate seasonal ingredients.

Sourdough and Butter of The Day

Sourdough and pumpkin seed toast, with nori butter and sea salt

Bridge’s proprietor sources these seasonal ingredients the world over, and often carries the ingredients back himself. On his latest sourcing trip overseas, he had picked up some high-quality nori, and the chefs had responded by concocting a heady spread with butter. Nori and butter makes a savoury combination, and I asked for an extra serving just so I could have it on its own.

Bridge precedes its set dinners with two appetizers: the first showcases its chefs’ creativity, while the second dish highlights the farm-fresh quality of its ingredients.

Amuse Bouche 1

The “creative” amuse bouche

The first amuse bouche was a visual spectacle: Two dainty buckwheat pancakes (topped with foie gras mousse and cheese) were set in a stone bowl containing smooth pebbles and dry ice.  The salty cheese and foie gras complemented the slightly sweet and firm pancakes well, so it was a pity that the pancakes were not much larger than a 50-cent coin!

Amuse Bouche 2

The “natural” amuse bouche

I was impressed with the “natural” amuse bouche. On paper, these ingredients appeared fairly banal: what could one do with heirloom tomatoes, almond, buckwheat, and coconut milk? But Bridge delivered on its promise to feature the “natural” quality of its ingredients—the tomatoes were extremely sweet and juicy; so much so that my dining partner and I were surprised at how quickly we polished the slices off. This was a simple dish that was emblematic of Bridge’s dedication to freshness and quality.

Jerusalem Artichoke and Kombu Buttermilk

Jerusalem artichoke and Kombu buttermilk

I have often found Jerusalem artichokes too fibrous and plain for my liking, but this dish worked for me because the seared vegetables retained the smokiness of the grill. It was also a great starch to mop up the satisfying and mouth-watering kombu buttermilk, smoked quail eggs, and piquant baby corn that came with it.

Amberjack and Monkfish Liver

Amberjack and Monkfish liver

This was a complex east-meets-west dish, both in concept and taste. The chefs had paired Napa cabbage (more commonly referred to as Chinese cabbage), bamboo fungi (often used in Chinese cuisine) and amberjack (used extensively in Japanese cooking), with pureed monkfish liver, couscous, and ibérico ham.

This was a smart move: Because the vegetables were drizzled with an aromatic (unknown) herbal sauce, the steamed cabbage and fluffy couscous readily soaked up the gravy. It was a delight alternating between spoonfuls of this succulent mixture and firm chunks of the amberjack filet.

Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu and Fennel Spice

Miyazaki Japanese A5 Wagyu and Fennel Spice

The beef here is fantastic, of course. It ticks the usual descriptors of top-grade wagyu, so I will not repeat them here. What makes this good dish truly special though, is the thoughtful pairing of the beef with a wild yam puree, pickled rose apple, lemon tobiko, and fennel spice. These sides added a pleasing heft to the buttery wagyu.

Native Fruits of Singapore

Native Fruits of Singapore

My dining partner and I agreed that dessert was the cherry on top of a spectacular meal. The organic Okinawa tofu gelato—homemade, of course—went perfectly with potato crisps, kumquat, starfruit, jackfruit, rose apples, yuzu pearls, and almond crumbs. The combination of sweet and salty; cold and hot made for a very scintillating dish that cleverly featured four local fruits.

Exterior 1

The food at Bridge is superlative. That evening, I conveyed my appreciation to the culinary team. I can only hope that the restaurant grows from strength to strength, but still retain its charm even when its clientele expands.

Thank you Bridge Restaurant & Bar for the invitation

Bridge Restaurant & Bar
31 Seah Street
Singapore 188387
Website: http://dineatbridge.com.sg
Reservations: 6333 4453
Opening Hours:
Sun – Mon: Closed
Tue – Sat: 12:00pm – 2:30pm (Lunch)
Tue – Sat: 6:00pm – 9:30pm (Dinner)