Celebrate the Beauty of Spring Time with 10@Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard


From now till 15 February, diners seeking a celebration of more flavours apart from the regular line up of a good ol’ reunion dinner, will have an Auspicious Lunar New Year Buffet to partake in with the 10@Claymore, Pan Pacific Orchard. The spread at Pan Pacific Orchard’s flagship restaurant will feature an Auspicious Plates of Treasures with 8 New Year creations on top of the regular buffet. Furthermore, indulge in servings of unlimited Yu Sheng topped with select sashimi cuts from the counter, catered for your liking.

10@Claymore CNY 2014 (9 of 20)

The Auspicious Plates of Pleasure is the restaurant’s special dishes served a la minute fresh from the kitchen. Start off the meal with a serving of Eight Treasures Broth – Yunnan Ham, Sea Cucumber for a thick and savoury option to warm up the tummy. I particularly enjoyed the chunky pieces of sea cucumber that add a wonderful silky touch to the entire broth. Have this as an excellent starter to the buffet to come.

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I was quite fascinated with the hearty and umami flavours from the Pacific Cod Blossom – Imperial Mushroom Drizzle. The pacific cod is lightly deep fried for a crisp outer layer and sweet oily and meaty interior. The mushroom sauce is lightly flavourful and impresses the cod well. I could tuck in to more than one serving of this if I had the tummy for it.

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The Tamarind Laksa Broth – Asian Barramundi Fish is possibly a lighter version of the stocky, savoury and sour Assam Laksa that I am well acquainted with. I thought this was a decent attempt but could have done with more flavour. Still, I was happy to note that you could request for more Assam (tamarind) if needed.

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The Australian Beef Tenderloin – Pumpkin Fondant, Marmite Pinot Glaze is a good serving of beef to tackle the meaty crave when needed. The marmite pinot glaze lends a touch of saltiness to the meat, livening the flavours a little.

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The Lotus Rice Harmony – Dried Scallop, Australian Abalone is probably one of the premium offerings that is right for the occasion. The rice is lightly smoked while the scallops and abalone complements the entire set with chewy sea bites and savoury sweetness. Another thumbs up.

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The Sze Chuan Kurobuta Pork – Japanese Yam, Five Spiced Soy Reduction is a marvellous portion for those who want a little bit of gelatinous fat to play with the senses. I was a little curious as to what the sze chuan element was, but it was a good serving of fatty meat nonetheless.

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I loved the Peddler’s Spicy Prawn Noodle – Spicy Crustacean Broth that carries a light sea sweetness that is warmly contrasted with the sambal belachan at the top. It’s great for international guests who have yet to try out what Prawn Noodles are really like, and a memorable offering for those seeking an alternative main on the menu.

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The Award Winning Char Kway Teow – Pacific Blue Crab Meat by Executive Chef Andy Oh makes its return appearance on the Plates of Pleasure lineup. While the dish is not thickly flavoured or excessively spicy, the noodles are lightly scented with a smoky fragrance with a touch of saltiness from the soy steeped in a caramelisation of flavours from the egg, prawns and vegetables.

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Something special and off the menu for the table that night.

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Tuck in to more than the Auspicious Plates of Pleasure with the buffet lineup.

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Dessert is complete with Crepes and fillings of your choice. Savour the Durian Crepe!

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The Auspicious Plates of Pleasure on top of the existing buffet line up served at 10@Claymore is definitely worth the visit to the restaurant this festive season. The select but slightly above average quality dishes gives a niche in the ever popular buffet scene and is a welcome change when one sometimes just wants a simple spread that is coupled with a charming setting. Still, the restaurant’s overall feel seems to be a slightly toned down version of its more elaborate past from my previous visits and might have to do with how the line up is displayed. The fanciful dessert counter as the centrepiece was one of the hallmarks that I now miss. Still, a pleasant visit if you want a reunion dinner that is bountiful and selectively different from the norm.

Thank you Pan Pacific Orchard for the invitation

10 at Claymore
Pan Pacific Orchard
10 Claymore Road
Singapore 229540
Auspicious Plates of Treasure
2 January – 28 February
(except 15 January – 15 February)
Dinner $62, Monday to Thursday
Dinner $68, Friday to Saturday
Brunch $72,Sunday15 January – 15 February (includes unlimited Yu Sheng)
Dinner $78, Monday to Saturday

Brunch $88,Sunday

Chinese New Year’s Eve, Chinese New Year Day 1 & 2
(with Unlimited Yu Sheng)
Lunch: $68*
Dinner: $78*

*Except 14 February 2014
*Price stated is not applicable for credit card discounts and other promotions