Catering Goes Chic With Orange Clove’s Blogger’s Night


When one starts to think of catering, the immediate thought would be the traditional fried rice, deep fried foods such as sotong balls, nuggets, cabbages, mushrooms and even the occasional fried chicken wing.

Strawberry Tart, Pan-Fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce, Lemon Meringue, Deluxe Canapes

However, my impression of catered food changed when Orange Clove invited me to their food tasting session at the Singapore Botanical Gardens last Friday. The set up was a classy buffet themed to the deep hues of purple and crystal. And I have to admit that while catered food is usually thought of as thrown into huge aluminum tins, there was a stark shift of mindset when you look at catered food elegantly displayed out, well presented, and with a feel that perhaps Orange Clove would become the caterer of choice.

Still, while presentation was good, there were natural hits and misses when it comes to the taste and flavour. I was told that this layout was a new menu that would be introduced soon and that we the guests were given a sneak preview of more exciting things to come.

Deluxe Canapes were served up first as appetizers. The first one was made of pieces of Baguette topped with stir fried Shitake Mushrooms in Pepper and Yellow Capsicum were a darling to the eye. But while simple enough for presentation, the bread was found to be soft and unappetizing. It would have been better on a piece of toast.

The next were little pieces of puffs that were bursting with generous amounts of egg mayonnaise and slices of crisp cucumber. Now these were quick finishers.

Average fare of sushi, with a good selection of nigiris and makis in the Spring Sushi Platter.

IMG_5496 IMG_5498

The Assorted Sausage Platter had a bowl of Chipotles and Cheese Sausages. Decent enough and would be a hot favourite for the kids.

Fresh DIY Salad section with a varied yet simple assortment of croutons, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced coloured capsicum and a plethora of lettuces.


For the mains, the most interesting would be the Pan-Fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce. Very uniquely presented with pieces of asparagus stuffed within each fillet, an accompaniment of Miso Butter sauce gave good moisture to the dish. On its own, the snapper was a little dry and stiff to begin with. So while marks go for design, the taste was its own fallacy.

The Honey Chicken serving was quite lovely. Well glazed, crisp and a good coating of toasted white sesame seeds, each piece of chicken carried a sweet flavourful scent.

Interestingly enough, the prawn cocktails were served the last. Maybe it was a good idea as this serving was a game of “fastest fingers first”. A salad all in one, there were alfalfa sprouts, mayonnaise, tomatoes, a single grape and a peel of juicy mandarin. Very nice.

The Penne Pasta with Chicken, Mushroom and Pesto would not deceive anyone that this dish was flown in from Italy, but Pasta as a staple instead of rice or beehoon? Thumbs up!

Perhaps the most interesting of the entire catered buffet session was the selection of desserts. I caught on immediately to these cute cups of desserts with the topping of the Orange Clove logo. The colour stood out and with its simple yet fancy design I took one.

Hidden beneath the icing cover (which I found was too sweet, sticky and too sweet. Did I mention sweet more than once?), was a vanilla muffin which was moist and firm. Though a little heavy, it was still good.

On a wide clear “glass” platter was a spread of 3 different types of cubed cheesecake. Soft, cheesy and moist, I didn’t stop at one.


The Strawberry Tarts I believe need no introduction. Red, with the tarty flavour of a good berry, you can simply imagine the taste when you look at it.

The Lemon Meringues were quite good though a little too sweet for my liking. Still, nicely done a proper golden brown finish on the top.

I didn’t get to really try the Mango Pudding with Fruits topping as they were almost instantly  ladled to the bottom by the guests. It looks very delicious with the choice of strawberries and grapes as the topping.


The night was deluded with rain and even though the catered buffet was held when the sky cleared up, the overall humidity of the evening was almost tedious to begin with. Yet, the spread from Orange Clove stood out in good and decent accord with its quality presentation and varied assortment of unique fusion dishes that are different from the traditional caterer.

Personally, if there was a need to call for a caterer for a party, I might just be giving Orange Clove a try. No more hassle and I know that the food will look good.

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Orange Clove’s Blogger’s Night was an invited session by Orange Clove.