Pollo del Cardinale, An Italian Inspired Christmas Eve Dinner


The idea of using meat with fruits is not a new idea to me, but somehow I have never attempted to infuse the two spectrum of ingredients together in a single dish. A couple of days before Christmas eve, while browsing through La Cucina Italiana (Four Seasons of Italian Cooking), I chanced upon the recipe for Quaglie del Cardinale – Quails with Cherries. It was ideal and striking. Not only because of the quaint picture of two delicious looking roasted quails laid side by side with a serving of cherries, but it was also the concept of marrying the fruity sweet with the tender savouriness of the poultry. But I didn’t want to travel to Holland Village just to get quails, so for last week’s Christmas Eve dinner, I decided upon Pollo del Cardinale (Chicken with Cherries) served with Roasted Pumpkin and Quail Eggs in a side of Orange and Pomegranate Sauce.

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