Kuishin Bo, An Upper Cut Family Buffet


King Alaskan Crab Claws, You could go nuts digging through the shells.

I have recently heard about Kuishin Bo from Kenny (about two months ago) raving about the King Alaskan Crab Claws as part of the dinner buffet. And when Michel said he wanted to treat me to the buffet meal for dinner on Saturday, I was naturally quite excited and curious on what to expect from a $43.90++ Japanese Buffet.


My very first impression upon stepping into the Great World City branch is the colourful wide variety of dishes on display. There was Sashimi, Handrolls, Sushi, Varied Appetizers, Unique Japanese Fried Cuisine, Teppanyaki, Paper Steamboats, Terriyaki Meats, Grilled delights and a varied dessert counter complete with a Chocolate Fountain.


The presentation was good, exquisite and elegant, exemplifying the fact that each dish was carefully crafted and neatly arranged.

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Desserts Of The Day From Bread Society & Dunkin’ Donuts


Strawberry Brioche

Having desserts is the ultimate way to cool off after that feisty bowl of spicy curry. Bread Society at ION Orchard, under the BreadTalk group attracted my family to visit it time and time again because of its attractive Eurpoean Style tarts, pastries and buns. I must say, today’s meal has in total been very guilty for me. Very, very guilty.

But good….

The Strawberry Brioche simply looked gorgeous. Like a pretty dessert draped in finery of gold and purple, the robust red from the strawberry simply added oomph to the beauty. Regardless to say, it was a good mix of sweetness and tangy, adding bite and flavour to what would be an ordinary slice of bread.

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That Ishiyaki Bibimbap Is Smokin’ Hot!

DSCF8758 Watami Singapore
The Central, #03-82/83/85/102/108/109
6 Eu Tong Sen Street


Enthralling scenery of the riverside complements Watami’s new outlet of casual Japanese dining in a more spacious, relaxing concept at The Central.


Tuesday, the 15th of September, marks the day in which Watami Singapore will be opening the doors of its new outlet located at the Japanese Food Hub (my own naming), The Central. Compared to its sister restaurant at ION Orchard, it provides a much more comfortable dining experience with a more spacious and relaxing dining concept, especially with those seats overlooking the river.

I was invited by Kit (Asst. Manager of Watami Singapore) to attend a Food Tasting Session and a sneak preview (ok not entirely a sneak preview as I was dining there) of the new premises. In total 7 dishes and 2 drinks were indulged in, most of them I have never tasted before in their first outlet. (Click here to see my review of the outlet at ION Orchard)


 Ishiyaki Bibimbap : Stone Pot Rice with Beef & Kimchi ($8.80)

J2K3 Award Winner : Ishiyaki Bibimbap


This is one award winner which I must give my full adulation. The Ishiyaki Bibimbap, though not exactly a Japanese dish (it has roots in Korea), is still presented excellently at Watami.

The dish arrives as a sizzling hot stone pot, warmed to a scalding 300 degree celsius before serving, and with ingredients such as tender beef, kimchi, egg yolk, spinach, sprouts, carrots and the sweet spicy bean paste sauce.


The dish was literally smoking throughout my entire photoshoot with a digital camera!

Smoke was literally rising from the pot itself as the rice at the bottom continued to crackle in charred delight.


As bibimbap per se, one has to mix it all up prior to eating. The results? A fragrant rice mix of a well rounded taste, giving off a slightly sweet, spicy and smoky aroma. It was basically comfort food for any day! And that is not forgetting getting your way through that savoury bits of charred rice found at the bottom. Though, one comment which I have is that the kimchi pieces are a little large and a little, just a little tough to scoop into the mouth.


Hotate Butter Yaki : Hotplate Scallops with Butter ($5.80)

The dish of Hotate Butter Yaki was also a quaint marvel for the scallop lovers. Very juicy and savoury, with that gentle hint of the fresh sea scent in each piece, it was very addictive.

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Open A New Chapter To Japanese Cuisine At Watami

DSCF7549 Watami Singapore
ION Orchard #B3-23
2 Orchard Turn
Open from : 10am – 10pm
Tel : 6509 9366


Good & Sumptuous casual Japanese cuisine served at affordable prices in the Singaporean Prime Shopping District.

25 July Watami

Watami Japanese Casual Restaurant launched its first Singapore flagship restaurant in ION Orchard and with over 600 outlets in Japan alone, I reckoned that it must be a buzz worth visiting. Being termed a Japanese Casual Restaurant, prices were generally affordable and while some were a little pricey, the quality of food I tasted were exceptional and worth it.


For starters, I ordered the Sashimi Supreme with 5 varieties of the exquisite fresh goodness from the sea. Consisting of Sweet Shrimp, Tuna, Salmon, Scallops and Surf Clams, the dish was presented in a huge bowl with an icy bottom.


J2K3 Award Winner : Hotate Sashimi

I was left the most impressed with the scallops for its very soft, juicy and sweet texture. It was delicate and refreshing giving rise to a melt in the mouth feeling. Simply Gorgeous.

The Tuna was also not to be trifled with. It arrived firm and slightly translucent with its flesh sparkling in the light and it went very well with the freshly grated Wasabi and soy sauce. For a price at $19.80 for the Sashimi Supreme, it was quality at a price well worth it.


I was also tempted by the menu to order the Irodori Sushi Grandeur ($10.80). The variety of Scallop, Seafood Salmon and Eel was a feast and I was not disappointed when the dish arrived. Beautifully presented and decorated, it was a work of art almost a shame to be eaten.

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