Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice In The City


Today marks a very important day as I had a movie, ate two lunches, a dessert, two dinners and met my old coursemates. The group of us, Zheng Jie, Jeremy Tnee, Wei Bin, Javier, Adam and me were out playing pool (inclusive of Zhi Chiaw and Kok Kun though we didn’t play) After which, it was almost dinner time and Jeremy simply had to recommend a Chicken rice down the road. Wei Bin was almost adamant of enjoying Rochor’s Tau Huay along Selegie road – a bit ironic though.

At Sing Ho Hainan Chicken Rice just off Selegie road, we ordered half a white chicken and half a roast chicken. ($11 for each half)

The roast chicken was brimming in a deep hue of warm brown which was simply appetizing. Unfortunately, I found it a little wet and with a certain lack lustre in flavour that I always look forward to in roasted chicken. The light sauce drizzled over was a bit salty and didn’t complement well with the taste of the chicken.


Though suprisingly, when the same sauce is poured the white chicken, the result is different. Maybe its because of the smooth chicken skin that on the first bite, its fatty nature just goes well with the light sauce and sesame oil. The meat was also soft and not too tough.

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