Nana’s Green Tea Cafe – Welcoming The New Generation of Matcha Drinkers!


When it comes to looking for a cafe to chill out and relax, the most common form in mind would be Starbucks for their cool and chillax atmosphere. But where coffee might not be your cup of tea, and you are looking for something unique with a Japanese twist, Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at the new wing of Plaza Singapura might be the very place to visit. Established a decade ago in Tokyo, Nana’s Green Tea Cafe at Plaza Singapura is the chain’s latest flagship outlet for the country. With matcha straight from Kyoto to tease tastebuds with the brilliance of bitter neutral, smoky fresh flavours, this is one green tea cafe that is all set to welcome the new generation of matcha drinkers.

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Seki, Leaving a Fine Art Impression to Remember


My first visit to Seki on Thursday left me with a resonating impression about the Japanese cuisine there. The restaurant is a modern take on the traditional Izakaya blended with a sushi bar, and with its range of contemporary Japanese dishes, guests have an opportunity to indulge in a decent selection. My initial dinner exploring some of the executive chef’s sushi creations beckoned me to take another look, and I was back the very next day for lunch. It was a moment to remember, as the artwork for its sushi and sashimi range really shone through in simple yet exquisite fashion.

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Seki, The Orient Crystal at Rendezvous Grand Hotel!

Seki, the latest Japanese restaurant to impress the local culinary scene opened to fanfare last December at the former Hotel Rendezvous (now known as Rendezvous Grand). Starting off as an initiative by Takuma Seki of Hide Yamamoto, Seki aims to delight guests with a spread of delectable fresh seafood, an impressive array of sushi, and a range of robatayaki and Japanese cuisine favourites to the table!

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Novus – Contemporary European Cuisine Within History’s Heart

History is outrageously rich. And as far as history being the perfect place to have an escape into cuisine wonderland, I guess not many will entertain the thought. Yet, the infusion of both the contemporary arts and the traditional past has always delighted many. Perhaps its the marrying of the old with the new, or the fuzzy and the jazzy. But with every contrast, there lies a line of similarity, and with that line of similarity, there is Novus, the modern contemporary European Fine Dining retreat and the 124 years old National Museum of Singapore.

And that similarity, is Artful Masterpieces.

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