Park Hotel Clarke Quay Presents Lunar New Year Reunion Menus Starting From $338++!

For this Chinese New Year, Park Hotel Clarke Quay is set to delight guests with reunion menus starting from $338++ per table of 6-courses for 4 to 5 persons, and all the way to $628++ per table of 8-courses for 9 to 10 persons! All diners will also receive free-flow red date tea and soft drinks, and a Chinese New Year Carrier Bag with Red Packets and Mandarin Oranges. Though the hotel  does not have a dedicated Chinese restaurant, the team has transformed its various function rooms into dining spaces to celebrate the New Year. Continue reading “Park Hotel Clarke Quay Presents Lunar New Year Reunion Menus Starting From $338++!”

Ô Comptoir blends East and West with its crêpes and galettes!

Most Singaporeans are probably familiar with crêpes, but not its close cousin the galette. Both are French pancakes, but the former is a sweet pancake made from wheat flour, while the latter is savoury and made from buckwheat flour. Ô Comptoir in Circular Road is one of those rare places in Singapore that serves good crêpes and galettes. And true to its stereo-typically French roots, the crêpe and cider bar takes quality very seriously.

Famished? You will have to wait for your galette. Every single crêpe and galette is made-to-order. The restaurant owners also insist only on organic flour from a mill in France’s north-western Brittany region, because no one else makes it to the same exacting standards they demand.

The restaurant has a line of galettes and crêpes that is inspired by Japanese sushi rolls. I am usually wary of fusion food because the gimmickry often overshadows quality. But Ô Comptoir largely pulls off this fusion attempt with fresh ingredients and piping hot pancakes.

Try out the Chef’s Recommendations

The crab avocado maki galette with cider sauce ($16++) is a chef’s recommendation, and rightly so. You taste juicy crab roe first, then creamy and sweet avocado, before savoury crabmeat registers on your palate. It is a great mish-mash of flavours and textures.

I am ambivalent about the smoked salmon maki galette with wasabi sauce ($18++) as there are too many things going on in this dish. The smoked salmon is strong-tasting, but so is the thyme and wasabi sauce. It does not help that the galette is coated with a layer of black sesame seeds, which adds more complexity to a very forceful dish.

The allure of duck confit and mashed potatoes

I like the Duck confit maki galette with mashed potatoes ($16++) the best. Rich mashed potatoes and fragrant duck compliment the slightly grainy texture of the buckwheat flour roll.

The salted caramel maki crêpe ($8++) is the right amount of sweet and is delightfully chewy with its homemade caramel sauce. But while it is good, I cannot help but wish for a more substantial accompaniment such as ice cream, fruits, or nuts. The dish feels like it is incomplete without one of these or a richer sauce.

Ô Comptoir’s “usual” galettes are good as well. I have the cheekily named Ménage À 3 ($14++), which comprises Emmental cheese, ham, and a sunny side-up. For three more dollars, you get mushrooms and tomatoes added to the mix. The Ménage À 3 was pleasant enough, but I should have gone for the upgraded version. The mushrooms and tomatoes would have added pep to the slightly salty Emmental cheese and ham.

I strongly recommend the Khao San Road ($22++). This is a perfect example of how good a fusion dish can be, done correctly. The pancake is a perfect wrap for the prawns, mango cubes, tomatoes, bean sprouts, sunny side-up, mint and peanut bits. Every bite taken brings me back to Thailand, reminding me of the good street food.

Thirsty? Make sure you try the ciders and the wines. The ciders start from $6 for a 125ml serving. I tried the dry pear ($7++) and the rosé apple ($7++) and found them both great accompaniments to the savoury galettes. Don’t be surprised if the wait staff asks if you would like to have your cider (directly imported from France under controlled temperature conditions) served in a bowl, as is the practice in Brittany.

The restaurant’s mainstay is its pancakes and alcohol, but like any decent bistro, they also serve salads, cheeses, and other sides and mains.

Charming for that date night out!

Ô Comptoir has a charming ambience. There is a cheeky neon quote from Oscar Wilde on one of the walls, quirky light fixtures, and cosy lighting. The young-at-heart should request for the sole swing seat in the house. That spot also happens to be one of the best places in the restaurant to people-watch. When I visited on a Wednesday night, the place was quiet, with the restaurant and bar never more than a quarter filled. But with such an ambience, Ô Comptoir is a good place to have a romantic dinner or an intimate catch-up with friends before a walk along the adjacent Singapore River.

Thank you Ô Comptoir for the invitation

Ô Comptoir – SG
79 Circular Road
Singapore 049433

Reservations: 6534 7645

Opens Daily
Mon an Tue 11am to Midnight
Wed and Thu 11am to 1am
Fri and Sat 11am to 2am
Sun 10am to 10pm

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Indulge in the Cheese Wheel at District 10 Bar & Restaurant!


I’ve been on a binge of Chef’s Table, a Netflix documentary featuring the best chefs in the world. Episode one featured Massimo Bottura, chef of a three-star Michelin restaurant in Modena, Italy, fawning over high-quality aged cheese wheels. He later used one of them in his restaurant as a platform for stirring pasta, which is known as dalla forma. The dish on the screen already tantalised me, so you can imagine my excitement when I found out that I would be able to try cheese wheel pasta right here in Singapore, at District 10! District 10 Bar & Restaurant’s cheese wheels come straight from Italy for use in their pastas for the month of October. Eating good pasta is one thing, but dalla forma – or pasta that was finished in a cheese wheel – is another experience altogether. Continue reading “Indulge in the Cheese Wheel at District 10 Bar & Restaurant!”

The Matriarch Returns: Ellenborough Market Café Reopens

Noodle Chef

On my first visit to the Ellenborough Market Café, I ate so much durian pengat and other assorted desserts that my parents barred me indefinitely from returning.

That was fifteen years ago.

Of course, I was thrilled when I received an invitation to its dinner buffet recently: First, I was excited to finally eat that forbidden dessert again, and second, I was curious about how the restaurant looked after its extensive renovation. Continue reading “The Matriarch Returns: Ellenborough Market Café Reopens”