Pince & Pints Katong: Great Lobsters, Divine Mac & Cheese!

When it first opened in 2014, Pince & Pints Restaurant and Bar at Duxton  garnered a reputation for excellent lobsters fresh off the Atlantic Coast. Fans would therefore be glad to know that the brand has finally expanded with a second outlet in the midst of idyllic Katong.

As I walked down a charming stretch of shophouses on a drizzly Thursday evening, the restaurant’s classy, black-framed, parlour-like full length panels stood out from the rest of its neighbours. A well-stocked bar awaits you as you enter, and I was quickly ushered to the main dining area upstairs.

Its minimalistic and loft-like layout struck a chord in me immediately; there were huge long wooden tables for a big gathering, but the faux-marble tops for the small tables made the area inviting as well. Later did I know that the inspiration behind Pince & Pints was from the owner’s own experience in New York and Boston. As I sat down, I can’t help but notice the interesting grid-like cage ornament on their menu, much like the famed grid street system in New York City (or it may just be my vivid imagination).

Pince & Pints prides itself on serving the best and freshest lobsters in town. Twice weekly, fresh Atlantic lobsters are flown in from the US East Coast, and are transported and stored in in-house tanks before being served to their customers. Incidentally, its distributor also provides fresh seafood to other leading establishments, so you will be guaranteed of the authenticity and the freshness of the crustaceans that you get here.

The Lobster Roll with an exceptional Bun!

We started off with one of their in-house cocktails, Highway Run Into The Midnight Sun ($18++), a refreshing and somewhat overly tangy concoction of gin, vodka and fresh lime with a hint (or two) of cilantro. This is a drink best enjoyed after a brief walk in the summer heat.

The Mixed Platter ($32++; custom tasting portion) was served up next. A mound of perfectly fried fish skin, fried calamari and straight cut fries, what sold me was the incredibly light and refreshing tartar sauce. To be honest, I was never a fan of tartar sauce because of the overly briny versions that we normally get elsewhere. I, however, found myself going back for the restaurant’s tartar sauce more, and more.

The Live Oysters ($30++ for half a dozen) were fresh and decently plump with a pleasant brininess to it, and went really well with the light and tangy red wine vinaigrette.

The Lobster Roll ($58++) is the restaurant’s signature dish. Lobster chunks were laid on top of a toasted bun, and the portion was generous in a light coating of garlic aioli. I was completely thrown away by the bun: it was buttery, golden, and pillow-y. The lobster chunks were intensely savoury, and its salinity paired really well with the sweet and crispy bun. An In-house butter sauce was also provided, and when eaten with the roll gave a smooth round-up to the moreish flavours.

We also had the Steamed Live Whole Lobster ($58++) over the more common grilled version, and had no regrets. Steaming the lobster retained its moisture, and this resulted in a briny but sweet, and somewhat mineral-ly tasting juicy piece of meat. The same butter sauce was served alongside, which when paired with the meat gave it an excellent mouthfeel.

A Divine Lobster Mac & Cheese

Another great rendition of a classic dish would be the Lobster Mac & Cheese ($29++). Glistening in a golden hue, this version had elbow macaroni and large chunks of lobster meat tumbled in a cheesy yet light béchamel. The addition of the lobster lends the dish some salinity which cuts the creamy sauce and making it easy on the palate, and the addition of cognac gave it a slightly flavourful dimension. I am normally averse to creamy dishes, but the lobster macaroni and cheese was certainly an exception. One thing to note: I wish the macaroni could have been cooked a little lesser for a touch more bite in each spoonful.

We also had a Lobster Chowder ($38++) to taste, but I personally found it a bit lacklustre; other than the lobster meat, the dish did not really scream lobster, or seafood to me. It was also a bit heavy on the palate, and I felt it was more of a leek and potato chowder instead of a lobster one.

All in all, I am impressed with the freshness of the ingredients by Pince & Pints. The lobster roll, steamed lobster and lobster mac & cheese were all great; the pairings of the ingredients were thoughtful, yet when it’s time for the star ingredient to shine, it was duly allowed. While the price may be a little steep, the restaurant’s speciality of fresh Atlantic lobsters has its own appeal. Also, if you are looking for somewhere to give yourself a treat, or to have a place to wind down after a hectic week with a group of friends, Pince & Pints deserves a consideration. Oh, and I intend to hunt down the bakery in Chinatown that supplies them their bread for the lobster roll. It was that good.

Thank you Pince & Pints for the invitation.

This article was written by Yan Zhi.

Pince & Pints
95 East Coast Road
Singapore 428793

Reservations: 6386 3988

Opening Hours
Mon – Fri : 12pm – 2.30pm & 5.30pm – 11pm
Sat, Sun & PH : 11am – 11pm (All Day)
Open on Public Holidays
Last Order for Kitchen 10pm

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A Luxurious Afternoon Affair with The Westin Singapore’s Seafood & Champagne Tea!

When your heart desires for a short mid-day getaway, or a weekend afternoon spent simply chilling in the luxurious comforts of a five-star hotel lobby bar, The Westin Singapore’s Seafood and Afternoon Champagne Tea at the Lobby Lounge is one escapade to go for.

Priced at an attractive $85++ for two (and an additional 10% off for the month of October), guests can tuck in to a three-course Afternoon Tea set which includes a whole Lobster Thermidor to share over a glass of champagne. Seafood features strongly on the menu with highlights including the Lobster and Mushroom Torchoon, Trio of Sashimi, Crab Salad sandwiches, and the fiery and peppery Black pepper and Sesame Crust Tuna.

Without a doubt, the Lobster Thermidor was the highlight on the menu. Nothing but short gasps ensued around our table. Elegantly plated, the lobster and the gorgeous topping of melted torched cheese was simply a visual spectacle. In addition to the Lobster, each diner will enjoy (unfortunately) 1 oyster each served with a choice of three sauces – champagne dressing, lychee bourbon, and lime and shallot vinaigrette. With three dressings, you would have expected three oysters per person. Wouldn’t want to let that beautiful sauces go to waste, would you?

To wrap up the afternoon of decadent delights, indulge in an assortment of sweet treats. I was particularly struck by the Truffle Cupcakes. Aromatic and with truffle bits scattered throughout, this would have been a delight if the cupcake didn’t stick so much to the wrapping. I thoroughly enjoyed the other options of Pistachio Cherry Cheesecake, Tiramisu Shooters, Baked Chocolate and Walnut Brownie and the Duo of Chocolate Dipped Strawberries. Needless to say, the Blueberry Lime-Scented Mango Tart was a particular favourite for tart-loving me.

My guest and I enjoyed the Seafood and Champagne Afternoon Tea. It was a decadent afternoon, and the very comfortable ambience was perfect to catch up with old friends. $85++ for two is a worthy amount to pay considering that one would get quite a lavish spread. That said, the deal would probably be sweetened further if complimentary tea/coffee was also part of the afternoon tea set. Guests do have the option, however, of swapping out their choice of champagne for tea or coffee. In all, a delightful afternoon, with delicious tidbits to heartily keep one satiated along the way.

Thank you The Westin Singapore for the invitation.

The Westin Singapore
Level 32

12 Marina View, Asia Square Tower 2
Singapore 018961

Reservations: 6922 6988

Seafood Afternoon Champagne Tea
$85++ for two persons, inclusive of a glass of champagne each

$130++ for two persons, inclusive of a bottle of champagne

Available Mon to Fri 2.30pm to 5pm
Weekends 2pm to 4pm; 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Reservations required

10% off on weekdays till 31st October 2017

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