Burpp..That was some damn good Chilli Crab


Ahhh Chilli Crab – A dish that Singapore can truly be proud of. That sweet, sour and spicy sauce drizzled lavishly over the crustacean is arguably finger licking good. The really good ones will leave you satisfied with just the sauce, while the best boast tender sweet flesh of the crab plus the magnificent orange red crab roe. \

Today Chilli Crab review is once again from the trusty coffeeshop downstairs. Sometimes the best chilli crabs come from the neighbourhood shops and not the likes of big seafood restaurants. Nonetheless I still fawn over Jumbo Seafood’s Chilli Crab. Their crabs are just so big…

Well, the Chilli Crab from Block 313 Sembawang Vista Coffeeshop is considerably one of the better chilli crabs in the north in my perspective. Not too sweet or spicy, it is a dish that can be enjoyed be kids. The crabs used today were from Vietnam and cost a reasonably price of $28/kg.


What I liked about today’s Chilli Crab is the hard to disappoint crab roe. Crunchy and refreshing, I reckoned that is the most favoured part of Singaporeans. The meat however was not entirely sweet, but once paired with the sauce, it is almost to die for!

Rating for Chilli Crab : 3.5/5


You might want to consider having the chilli crab with their seafood fried rice. Offering a generous portion of filling and fragrant rice fried to golden brown goodness, simply ladle the chilli crab sauce on it and you are good to go!

I so hope to go back to Jumbo’s and check out the crab there again!

Till then!