Bull and Butcher – Ye Casual Steakhouse That Is All About The Meat!


It is all about the meat. The name Bull and Butcher raises expectations for the restaurant that it knows its beef. Parked at the location formerly The Cafe Cartel at Plaza Singapura, Bull and Butcher’s store front is attractively snazzy, with its glass windows baring the homely interior for all to see. So what’s the beef with Bull and Butcher? Read the full article to find out!

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The Bull and Butcher

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Bull and Butcher features an open concept theatrette kitchen. As you go about your dinner, witness the staff busy at work searing the next cut or preparing the cocktail that is right up your alley.

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Chef Sam Neo heads the kitchen at Bull and Butcher. Hailing most recently from the One Rochester Group, he is a familiar figure in the culinary scene. His past experience also features working at The Regent and the Fullerton Hotel.

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To warm things up, we were first served some toasted bread and a serving of Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce. While I am not the biggest fan of bell peppers, I have to admit this sweet, slightly pepperish dip was an excellent complement to the crusty bread.

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If you are game for some drinks to start the evening, there is the classic Mojito ($15) and B&B Sangria ($15) to go for. Just something easy to get you into the mood.

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The Baked Onion Soup with Gruyere Crouton ($10) was the first dish to arrive. While my fantasies of onion soup has always been one with the bread and cheese falling precariously over the sides of the pot like the one from the now closed Brasserie Wolf, I guess this will have to suffice for now. It was a decent bowl, albeit a little too savoury and not sweet enough. Still, I enjoyed it, but it could always do with more bread and cheese.

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The next dish of Crab Cakes with Sundried Tomato Sauce ($16) featured chunks of crab meat compressed together and deep fried to a crisp, croquet like shape. However, it was a little dry on its own and should be enjoyed with the sundried tomato sauce to moisten things up a little. The sauce was the better part of the dish, as it carried sharp notes of intense tangy umami flavour in each bite. I would recommend the onion soup over this.

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My favourite dish for the night goes to the Braised Australian Wagyu Beef Cheek ($38). Simply mouthwatering, with each portion of beef simply falling apart easily under the fork. Place one portion in the mouth and enjoy the fatty meat melting away. A very generous portion, and best shared if you are a petite eater. Though I would devour this on my own if I’m back there again.

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Bull and Butcher prides itself for being the only steakhouse in Singapore selling the Petite Tender cut. Also known as the Beef Shoulder Tender, this cut is only available in 80 gram portions and in limited quantities. While a unique selling point, I would choose the Beef Cheek any day over this. The portion, good for those with want to nibble at a little beef while at a steakhouse, is not the most flavourful on its own. Even the pairing with some of the restaurant’s specialties sauces could not dress up the beef enough. I think some crushed sea salt sprinkled over the top might do the meat more justice. It is still a personal preference though, and there might be some game to just have a simple portion of meat.

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There is also an option for seafood at the steakhouse. If you are looking to share, there is the Seafood Mixed Grill ($68) to go around the table. A selection of lobster, prawns, scallops, squid and sea bass make up the decent platter. Though I would say that the price does not necessarily commensurate with the portion, this is an option for those who don’t take beef and still have to be at the steakhouse to accompany a group of friends for dinner.

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As a side, the Creamed Spinach ($8) stood out well on its own. Don’t think about the amount of cream that went into this dish. Just take the first spoonful, taste it, indulge in the luxurious cream and savoury spinach harmonising together all over the tongue in cheese like notes with lasting hearty breaths. Think about the calories, and realise you are enjoying yourself for the night, and take another spoonful. Ok, this is too much for me. I’m getting hungry as I write more about this dish.

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Another side to share is the Fried Onion Rings ($8). It’s been a long time since I had a dish of onion rings. My dad used to make them for me when I was young. So this dish brings back memories now that he is not here. A crisp, tempura like offering with lovely textures and a sweet interior. Enjoy this on its own or perhaps with some ketchup. Comfort food.

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The first dessert of Banana Toffee Pie and Chocolate Sauce ($12) was surprisingly good. I’m not a sweet tooth, so having a portion of dessert to impress would take a bit of effort. I loved the play of textures, the presence of caramelized toffee and chocolate sauce was delectable. Better still, the top of the banana slices were glazed with sugar and flamed to a crisp. Excellent.

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The other dessert of Pear and Chocolate Crumble with Vanilla Ice Cream ($12) was a more humble and homely offering. The dish takes you back to the countryside where some grand old matron of the house would serve this up with a dollop of ice cream by the side, keeping you happy for the rest of the afternoon. A bit heavy on the chocolate, but still a good dessert that is unique and different from what is commonly found in restaurants. I like that!

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Bull and Butcher is one steakhouse that will excel if you know what to order from the menu. Straight off the hat, I would definitely recommend a portion of Wagyu Beef Cheek with some of that excellent Creamed Spinach to keep you happy for the rest of the night. The rest of the mains and starters is a mix of hits and misses, but the unique selection of desserts makes up for it all. If you are in the area and are looking for a place to hang out with friends through the night, Bull and Butcher is one option to consider if you are game for meat and a happy hour.

Thank you Bull and Butcher for the invitation

Bull and Butcher
Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
Singapore 238839
Reservations : 6338 3820

Opens from:
Sun to Thu 11.30am – 10pm
Fri, Sat and PH 11.30am – 11pm