Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill, Biting Into An Artisan’s Pizza


Its nice to travel all over Singapore in the quest for good food. This time round, I made my way to Tanjong Katong for Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill. And admittedly, I might have discovered a little gem of Artisan pizzas and all things Italian.

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The chef/owner Bruno has been in Singapore for the past 10 years and for his restaurant he adopts a simple yet classy elegance with minimal furnishing but casual atmosphere. I was particularly attracted to the lamps hanging from the ceiling as it somewhat mimics the environment of al-fresco dining.

Subdued fancy, full focus is drawn to the cuisine served by Bruno, cooked by Bruno.


The first dish served up by Bruno was the Linguine Al Granchio ($22.50).Twirled up with a smoking orange pink sauce of crabmeat flakes and a garnish of chopped green basil leaves, the linguine looked especially inviting to dig into.

The sauce is the key factor here. It carries a light, sweet complex flavour with a tinge of tomatoish creamy sourness which embraces the chunks of crabmeat where on its own exudes a slightly sea saltish aftertaste. Distinct flavours are balanced well in this dish with the use of cream instead of cheese to thicken the sauce up a well thought through idea. However, I found the linguine to be slightly moist and would have preferred it firmer to the bite. Still, it was a good choice to choose the flat pasta as it carried up a good serving of the crabmeat sauce in each forkful.

While pastas are one thing Italian, perhaps the strongest point of Bruno’s is the hand made pizzas here. From scratch, the dough base is made by hand and then generously topped with fresh tomato puree with a simple yet elegant use of mozzarella and other cheese. For this tasting session, I had the Prosciutto E Funghi ($18).


Delicate, clean yet slightly saltish tastes from the Prosciutto Ham coupled with the savoury sour umaminess of tomato gives a light but explosive flavour that remains on the tastesbuds after the first bite. Beautifully, the hand made dough is baked well and presented crisp, light with the edges slightly charred to give a slightly smoky finish.

The focus in this pizza is not on the ingredients or even the pizza base, rather it is the balance of tastes and flavours from each ingredient that come into perfect harmony with each other. Thumbs up for this!

Tiramisu ($9) was the dessert to finish off a fantastic lunch. Sponge fingers dipped expressively in rum was layered to form a light and airy combination with clean cut mascarpone cheese and coffee. Moist, with full flavours seeped into the bottom of the dessert, the Tiramisu was very good.

Only three dishes, and I am already impressed with the restaurant. How I wish I had more to savour and try.Will definitely be back when the opportunity arises or if I am in the craving for another good serving of hand made Artisan’s pizza.

Many Thanks to Bruno and Jane for hosting this food tasting session.

Bruno’s Pizzeria & Grill
Address: 338 Tanjong Katong Road (Directly opposite the Canadian School)
Opening Hours: Tuesdays to Sundays (12 – 2.30pm – Lunch & 6 – 10.30pm – Dinner)
Closed on Mondays
Tel No.: 64404525 (For reservations)

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