Brasserie Wolf, Casual French Dining Along The Singapore River

There is much beauty in French cuisine, non? Imagine indulging in it, while gazing at the serene calmness of the Singapore river go by, and maybe even the occasional boat or two. Top that off with choices of both indoor and outdoor alfresco dining under the stars, and perhaps that magical moment for the day is created.

Brasserie Wolf is not a new name around town. It has been around since 2006 with the restaurant winning the Most Popular Western Cuisine Restaurant by the then Singapore Gourmet Hunt competition shortly after. Fast forward that to 2011, Brasserie Wolf has now a new Chef onboard, Chef Claudio Sandri to head the kitchen.


When I first stepped into Brasserie Wolf, it is hard not to notice that casual atmosphere all laid out and ready to serve. Diners can choose to have the big comfy sofas, booth seats, and if there is a large enough group when making reservations, there is an upper deck for that dinner party you so wanted. 

The meal was started off with a serving of Bread and Butter. Three different varieties of bread though I’m not sure if the last one was supposed to be served slightly cold. I would have gone head over heels for warm thoroughly toasted bread any day.

As a starter, the table went for the Traditional French Onion Soup ($16) with Comte Cheese. Admittedly, this is a brilliant concoction. Warm, fuzzy and hearty, it was rich with slight buttery flavours and a mild acidity from the wine infused. The crouton floating on top melted with Comte cheese added a nice textural difference. Thumbs up!

Next up, there was the Pan Seared Foie Gras ($26) with Kumquat Chutney. Nicely seared with the outer layer charred to a elegant crisp, it complemented the marbled soft interior exceptionally well. It was heaven on the first bite with that melt in the mouth excitement.

The foie gras when paired with the home made Kumquat Chutney carried a lighter touch as the chutney’s citrus sweetness took a hint of heaviness off the palate. I found the chutney to be mildly sweet and refreshing with no hint of bitterness one would usually have from any orange or chutney preserve. Perfect for my tastebuds.

For a slightly heavier starter, there is the Fresh Aritchoke Heart ($18) served with Smoked Salmon Mousse, Poached Egg,  Caviar and Mustard Vinaigrette. Flavours range from the savoury to the sharp sourness with a little spice from the mustard vinaigrette.

Cut through the nicely poached egg for the final infusion of creamy yolk with the artichoke, salmon and mustard vinaigrette. It was good, but I felt a stronger surprise was in order in the flavours department because of the slightly overpowering mustard though its hard to deny that picture perfect moment.

After tasting the Duck Confit at Novus the previous week, I was anticipating another good Duck Confit from Brasserie Wolf. The Crispy Duck Leg Confit ($32) is served with Braised Puy Lentils. Undeniably crispy, the skin was a lovely crunch to the bite. Yet, I was partial to the slightly dry fibrous meat and the large serving of lentils made the dish a tad too salty for my liking.

For something a little lighter in taste, Brasserie Wolf serves an excellent rendition of Seared Cod ($35) with Confit Leeks, Mushrooms Tortellini, Red Wine Sauce. Cod being cod is a naturally flavour-rich fish, with clean textures and a sprightly refreshing taste when done right. The red wine sauce glazed on the plate proved to be a brilliant complement to the oily fish with a different dimension of acidic rich flavours given. The mushroom tortellini was well accepted with a good stuffing of seasoned fungi within. The dish is also served with a side of blanched watercress for a lighter taste and a touch of colour.

For diners who simply can’t live without their meat, I would recommend going for the Beef Bourguignon ($29). The beef is prepared traditionally braised in red wine, and Brasserie Wolf has theirs served with Bacon, Mushroom, Baby Onions and Carrots.

I absolutely adored the beef which broke apart so easily yet firmly in a sign of good fat being melted within the strings of meat. The meat is well infused with the rich stock which makes each portion a sinful cut of decadence.

The Beef Bourguignon is served with a side of traditionally whipped mash potatoes with a ultra smooth velvety texture that hints strongly towards very good quality buttermilk being used in the process. Imagine smooth fine mashed potatoes with that savoury rich flavours of the rustic earth layered with flavours of melted cheese. Mmmm mmmm.

Its desserts time! First up, the table had the Chocolate & Coffee Liegeois ($13) drizzled generously with Varlhona Chocolate Sauce. Served with scoops of vanilla ice cream, the coffee and varlhona chocolate, there were bits of crunchy chocolate pieces randomly scattered within.

Personally, I found the Peach Melba ($13) the more exciting dessert. Layered with slices of juicy sweet white peach, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce, this was the perfect dessert for a hot day. Move away Strawberry Sunday, give me my Peach Melba!

And of course, how could I end any meal at a European restaurant without savouring their selection of cheeses. At Brasserie Wolf, the cheeses described on the menu were Morbier, Livarot, Explorateur, Brebis and Forne d’amber ($24)

 The upper deck private dining area. Comfortably seats a party of 10.


  Chef Claudio Sandri

Brasserie Wolf on the whole is not ultra fine dining with all the chic-chic elegance yet the classy ambience and cozy setting makes this another spot on the to-visit list for that Friday night getaway. With a decent menu of dishes and of some which were excellent, there is a good choice for many. As far as French dining goes, there are hits and misses though I wouldn’t mind making my return visit with a dinner party perfect with the splendour of the Onion Soup, Beef Bourguignon, and that exotic yet simple Peach Melba.

Thank you Danielle and Si Hui from Ate Consulting for the invitation.

Brasserie WOLF
80 Mohamed Sultan Road
The Pier at Robertson #01-13
Singapore 239013
Reservations: 6835 7818

Opens from:
11am – 10.30pm