Botak Jones Visit 2! – Mildly Impressed. But hope is in sight.


Cajun Chicken – Cheesy, spicy and tender!

I finally grabbed the chance to go out and eat again, after all that visiting and studying at home. Today’s highlight is definitely Botak Jones once again. In my previous post, I mentioned about the Botak Burger (Click here to see post), and gave my two thumbs up. The dish of Cajun Chicken as you see in the picture above is another favourite which you must try!

The slab of poultry is finely marinated with red peppery spices (Warning: spicy chicken ahead.) and cooked to tender juiciness. It is served topped with a generous serving of melted cheese (Oh My Gosh) and the sweet sour spicy Cajun sauce. Each bite of the chicken meat was not too chewy and neither was it too dry. However, their portion of chicken meat is rather large, so you might want to share it with a friend and try another dish as well!


The entire Cajun Chicken Meal – $6.50

Priced at an affordable $6.50, the meal also comes with 2 side dishes. I chose the coleslaw and the mashed potatoes.


The mashed potatoes are simply to die for. Well, at least that is my perspective. What you get is not those smooth blended insta-mix mashed potatoes, but real chunky bits in it topped with cheese and baked to a crispy golden brown.

I would have ordered more, but I had cheese fries and that deserved some space in my stomach!

Rating for Cajun Chicken : 3.5/5

Opinions : It would be an astounding dish if there was slightly more taste in the meat, and the spices slightly toned down. Other then that, a fantastic meal.


Cheese Fries (600grams) – $9.00

Cheese Fries – the name alone is enough to make any hungry person’s mouth water. One could imagine the smooth, warm goodness of melted cheese together with savoury fries tingling your tastebuds and satisfying your innermost desires.

However, my opinion of the cheese fries served at the Ang Mo Kio Outlet did not meet my expectations. I don’t know about what others think, but I felt that the fries were fried for too long (thus it became too crispy and dried), there was no generous serving of melted cheese, the fries were not salty enough and I paid $9.00!

Other than that, if the outlet were to improve on the above mentioned, I believe many more would order the cheese fries. Botak Jones, maybe you would like to take a feather out of KFC’s cheese fries notebook and see why it is so successful with students and the general population.

Rating : 2.5/5

Overall : If you are craving for Western food, authentic ones that is, you might want to consider Botak Jones. However, do go for the better ones recommended such as the Botak Burger and perhaps the Cajun chicken. Other than that, the outlets still do serve better food than most neighbourhood Western Food.