Botak Jones New Set Lunches Under 10 Mins


Monday’s Entree : Honey Baked Chicken

I was invited to a Food Tasting session hosted by Botak Jones to try out their new set lunches that promises to deliver the food piping hot to you in under 10 minutes. Complete with a serving of soup/salad and dessert, these dishes are to be quick eats for those in want of a full meal. Each day, a different entree priced at $8.50 is served up.

The Honey Baked Chicken served on Mondays is probably one of the best dishes out of the five “days” for me. I liked the crisp skin smothered with a good spread of sweet delicate honey and the topping of onions and peppers was delectable. Chicken was also tender and a little juicy with burnt parts here and there that was simply appetizing. Nice.


Celebrate Tuesdays with Beef Stew

The Beef Stew makes its own stand fairly well with the gravy being thick and heavy in herbs, spices and ingredients. However, the pieces of beef within were a little dry and chewy. Could do with a little stronger umami flavour though.


Wednesday will bring about the Tomato Chicken Stew. Nothing really fantastic with it tasting like Chicken stewed in a good dallop of tomatoish pasta sauce.


When it comes to Thursday, we will have the Mexican Chicken. I would consider this the Honey Baked Chicken without the Honey.


The only fish dish out of the entire 5 day family, the Cajun Fish Stew is actually very good. Meaty Chunks of fish in a sweet, slightly sour and spicy Cajun sauce that hollars “Good Combination”

To what I feel, these 5 new items on the menu as Set Lunch Specials are actually worth going for especially on Mondays and Fridays. $8.50 will grab a salad/soup and dessert. I was served the heavenly and all time favourite, Cream of Mushroom. Dessert was a slice of cake  that was rather average. All in all, this food tasting session was a new experience though I didn’t get to try out their service and promise of serving the food up in under 10 minutes as the sampling arena was a buffet spread.

Now, I think its time to head over to Royal Copenhagen for that oh so chi-chi round of cakes and pastries. After you, my dear.

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