Bite into a delightful crunch at Western Wok!


It is absolutely delish whenever you take the first bite into a portion of chicken cutlet from a Western food stall and hear the delightful “crunch” that follows it. And as you slowly allow that bite to unravel its flavour in the mouth, it is joy to discover the layers of batter, fat and then tender meat all in a single sitting. With the multitude of hawker stalls out there seeking to distinguish itself and cater to the palates of its share of customers, lasting impressions have to sell. Out of the dishes I shared with my friends for lunch that day, this piece of Chicken Cutlet left a delectable imprint to start the holidays with.


I visited Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre with Brian and Steven for lunch a couple of days back. And as my army mate Lawrence opened up a Western food stall with his partner Andy, I thought it would be nice to drop by to say hello and have a meal at the same time. We started off with the Chicken Chop ($5) and all of us found it to be pretty decent with tender meat and a good robust black pepper sauce generously ladled all over. It is definitely tasty enough to satisfy and a good starter for the entire meal.  


The Chicken Cutlet ($5.50) however stood out on an entirely different level. Maybe it’s my weakness for fried food, but I found this particular portion to be exceptionally delicious. The crunch in the first bite, only to reveal the different layers of batter, fat and tender chicken within. It reminded me of a good portion of comfort food that I will order any day. This is definitely a dish to enjoy when it is hot, so that when the crispy bread crumbs hits, it is encapsulation of textures and simple yet delectable flavours. The chicken cutlet comes with a side of Wasabi Mayonnaise which is slightly hot and enough to provide a different outlook for the portion of crispy meat. Throw in a tad more herbs all over, and I think this would be almost perfect. 


Fish and Chips ($5.50) saw us going through the same dish as the Chicken Cutlet albeit with a different main ingredient. Although it is almost the same batter, I would say it works better (no pun intended) on the chicken. Still, this is a decent selection with a lovely crunch except with fish. Good for those who have certain dietary requirements and would still love the crispiness.


The dish of Pork Chops ($5.00) was average at best. The meat was a little tough to the cut, and the accompanying sauce was lacklustre in complementing the strong flavours of pork. The saving grace was probably that little streak of fat by the side that made the dish oh so wonderful. But that itself depends on the portion of meat you receive.


Andy and his mom


Lunching at Western Wok is good if you are in the craving for a western fix around the Commonwealth area. The highlight is definitely the crispy chicken cutlet that goes very well with the wasabi mayonnaise. Now that I discovered this place, perhaps my next quest is to venture around the area. Brian and I saw this claypot store in the same centre that seems quite established and popular. Perhaps the next time, and then we can all have a blend of east meets west.

Western Wok
Commonwealth Crescent Market and Food Centre