Big Lazy Chop (大懒排): A Master of Sauces!


Big Lazy Chop is perhaps the place to be at for dishes that get really saucy. From crowd favourites such as the Salted Egg Yolk, to the surprising lip-smacking delight of Butter Champagne that wonderfully coats the pieces of large ribs, Big Lazy Chop certainly has won my attention hands down. The bistro-restaurant is helmed by Singaporean Head Chef Oh Ah Lek, who comes with 37 years of experience in Asian cuisine, including time as the Head Chef of Fortuna Hotel in Vietnam. It is clear that for all the dishes I tasted that night, this is one place that I will want to make a return visit, especially with the eclectic mix of awesome Chinese cooking, craft beers and curious art pieces that adorn the walls.


The star of the show that night was clearly the Wok-fried XL Crabs made with Indo Curry sauce ($70/kg). Made with Live Sri Lankan crabs, this dish is a signature of Chef Oh for the past 26 years. It is flavoured by four types of chilli, an assortment of lemongrass and curry leaves. And the ingredients are wok fried for almost an hour till the fragrance emerges in bold strokes. The gravy is creamy, accented by the delicate touches of carnation milk, and the goes superbly well on its own or steamed rice. If desired, sides of steamed or fried Mantou are available at $0.60++/pc.


Another dish worth the mention is the Hotplate Hakka Beancurd ($13++). Homemade with fresh soybean milk, the beancurd is silky smooth, easily breaking apart on the first bite, only to reveal the tender smoky freshness within. I thoroughly enjoyed this dish and thought this was one of the best (atas) hotplate beancurds I’ve had thus far.


The Big Lazy Prawns ($20++) come in two options: Crispy Cracker or Salted Egg Tempura. My favourite for the night had to go to the Crispy Cracker, where the each prawn was lovingly coated with bits of broken prawn keropok. This resulted in a dish that was hearty, sweet, crunchy, crispy, and overwhelming savoury umami all in a single bite.


The Salted Egg Tempura variant could, however, do with a touch more sauce and not be dressed with a scattering of powdered salted egg yolk that simply reduces the dish’s impression.


If digging in to saucy spare ribs is your idea of a feast, do order the Saucy Coffee XL Spare Ribs ($20++) and the Butter Champagne Drunken XL Spare Ribs ($23++). Both are impressionable dishes with the giant ribs and the quaint little “Big Lazy Chop” flag pinned on the top.


The aromatics from each sauce is mouthwatering, and the sauce is lovingly glazed all over. Plastic gloves are provided to really get into those ribs, but of course are optional if you really want to go full-fledged finger-licking good. Caution: the ribs are exceptionally hot when served straight from the kitchen.


Crispy Baby Silver Fish ($6++)


Handmade Fresh Crab Money Bag ($18++)


French Bean with Minced Pork ($9++)


Craft beers are a surprising option to look out for when at Big Lazy Chop. Beyond your regular Tiger or Heineken found at a Cze Char store, these unique selections are a great accompaniment to the food whipped up by Chef Oh. For a fruity, light flavoured peach beer, go for the Lindemana Pecehresse Peches-Lambic Artisanal ($9++). IF the bold IPA’s are your idea of a good beer, give the Magic Hat IPAs a try ($9-10++). The Innis & Gunn Original Oak Aged Beer ($12++) is also an exception worth trying. Smoky flavoured and deep, this could go very well with the coffee ribs.

IMG_4438 IMG_4440 IMG_4439

Big Lazy Chop is a winner for me. As a true blue local restaurant filled with Asian flavours best demonstrated through its creative home-made sauces, this is one place to tuck in for those saucy ribs or even a bowl of hearty Indo Curry Crabs. It has a homely set up and a central location, just that if you are like me, you might just miss the restaurant as you walk past it along the way. And oh yes, the mandarin name is intentional.

Thank you Big Lazy Chop for the invitation

Big Lazy Chop
1A Short Street
Singapore 188210
Reservations: 6238 8443
Opening Hours:
11.30am to 2.30pm
5.30pm to 10.30pm