Baked by Lace, Just Pure Cupcake Goodness

There’s always room for dessert, is probably one of the most famous of quotes in this modern day and age. How is that possible? Well I don’t exactly remember the science behind it, but if the dessert is good, its well worth it. Cupcakes have the fortunate quality to be both a dessert and a tea time snack, and to achieve the level of a good cupcake, personally I would say it has to be moist with good flavour that does not overpower the senses. If it sates the ravenous tummy with tender sweetness, then I believe its lovely. I managed to meet Lace who so happens bakes these very cupcakes in pure artistic fashion.

I got four flavours to try. Salted Caramel (left) and Nutella (right) were two of my favourites. The Salted Caramel got my thumbs up as apart from the moist cupcake itself, the cream of crusty sea salt and honeyed sweetness from the caramel hit the spot for me. Nutella was pure indulgence, giving that bit of warmth in the first bite.

For some other unique varieties, there is also the Cookies and Cream (Left) and Red Velvet (Right). The muffin for the cookies and cream is also stuffed with bits and pieces of crushed oreo. Red Velvet brought the image of valentine’s day to my mind, maybe its because of the little red heart on the top. In both muffins, the frosting is enough to make anyone happy, though too much would be a slight overindulgence.

Lovely cupcakes, just pure sweet goodness.