Aston’s Specialties – Good Western Stuff, Lovely Prices

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Sembawang Shopping Centre

Your traditional western dining at affordable prices in a quick casual setting.


Grillworks Chicken – Hickory BBQ

Good Western dining at value for money prices, located in a comfortable air-conditioned restaurant with quality service and hygiene is perhaps what Aston’s Specialties can be summed up to be.

So far, I have tried the Grillworks Chicken dishes, Fisherman’s Pride, and a couple of Hot/Cold Side Dishes. And I must say I was rather impressed.

A major plus point of the chicken is that the pieces are juicy, tender, leaving a savoury taste in your mouth. Drizzled generously with the sauce provided, it almost seems like a match made in heaven. What’s best is that if you think you are one of the few who simply must lather the meat with overflowing saucy goodness, simply request for more sauce. 


Grillworks Chicken – Black Pepper with side servings of Coleslaw and Mashed Potatoes 

For most of the Grillworks Chicken dishes, the only difference is the sauces poured on it. To me, I found the Black Pepper variant a little sweet but that is without saying its spiciness is just right. The Hickory BBQ sauce was not really fantastic but if you yearn for that good old fashioned smoky taste, the Hickory BBQ Chicken might just be the one for you.

Black Pepper/ Hickory BBQ Chicken : $6.50      Rating :  


Crispy Fried Fish – I must say this is very good! 

Surprise Surprise! Despite the restaurant being an almost all meat paradise, the Crispy Fried Fish (their version of the popular and traditional Fish and Chips) is just as good. I particularly enjoyed the nicely crumbed crust which gave that extra crunch in each bite. What’s more exciting is that after you get through the first bite, the sweetness of the fish flows into your mouth.

By all means, that is a perfect combination whipped up by the chef.

Crispy Fried Fish : $7.20      Rating :  

Well for each set you order, you will be able to choose 2 side dishes. So far, I have tried the Coleslaw, mashed potato, french fries and the baked potato. But to what I feel, if you go there, try their coleslaw. Each bite gives that lovely crunch ( a sign of fresh vegetables ) and it is also not overly creamy. There is also another side dish by the name of Tasty Rice. Hmmm, I wonder how tasty it really is.

There is definitely more to try at Astons Specialties, and so far I have been impressed. If the
chicken and fish dishes are already at that standard, will it be the same for their Steaks and Chops? Well, till my wallet is full again, Aston’s just wait for me.

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