Ajisen Ramen : Shiok Shiok Mee Japanese Style


A La Carte Side Dish – Fried Cuttlefish

Ajisen Ramen opened a new outlet at Causeway Point and I must say that it certainly is very popular with the crowd. Perhaps its just the yellowish, perfectly rounded strands of noodles that attract or maybe its just the trend to eat there. Experience at the new store was not entirely comfortable, with a slightly lower then expected service from the crew.  There was hardly a person at the entrance to guide us to our seats and when there was finally one, it was more of a "here’s your seat" and immediately thereafter left.

Now this is good! Crispy yet easy to savour. The fried cuttlefish meat was not too tough like all the other deep fried cuttlefish you might have encountered. And while this would have been better with a sprinkle of salt, it is good enough to complement the ramen.

Rating for Fried Cuttlefish :


Spicy Cuttlefish Ramen (Dry) – Chef’s Recommendation and Mine too!

Still while service may not be up to expectations, the food is arguably good though I have to admit it is a little too pricey for a bowl of noodles with toppings that could have been a little more generous with.


Nonetheless, I particularly enjoyed the Spicy Cuttlefish Ramen (Dry) which tasted almost similar to a bowl of noodles with chilli paste. The slices of pork topping was tender and with fat that was almost the standard of ‘melt in your mouth’ but the cuttlefish is perhaps a little too small to even notice it being there once you mix everything up. The noodles were good with a fine texture that was not too chewy or too easily broken. This is one dish I recommend! However do ask for more chilli if you want that extra spice.

Set meal price : $14.80 Rating for Spicy Cuttlefish Ramen (Dry) :


Seafood Ramen

The Seafood Ramen is not a dish that deserves alot to be shout about. It was average in taste and quality with the stock hinting a tad of MSG (I’m not sure, but thats what I felt how it tasted). An OK dish but I have no idea how it is one of the most popular dishes available.

Set meal price : $13.80      Rating for Seafood Ramen :


Pumpkin Croquette

A savoury and tasty dish with a generous mashed pumpkin filling that has been deep fried to a crispy golden brown. Slightly sweet though it could be improved by draining the excess oil on the surface of the croquette. It literally glitters in the light.

Rating for Pumpkin Croquette :

Overall Conclusion and Feel

Ajisen Ramen certainly lives up to its standards of serving some of the better ramens around. There is a wide selection and variety though I have to admit it is a little over the top in its price for a simple meal of noodles. There are commendable dishes like the spicy cuttlefish ramen which is definitely a must try if you visit the outlet but it will definitely be a more memorable visit with better service standards from the crew.