AJC’s 25th Annivesary

AJC Symphonic Band Performing for the 25th Anniversary Concert


AJ 24th Students’ Council Distinguished Service Award Recipients (well most of them, some couldn’t make it back)

It is great to be back in school. The environment, the familiar faces, and the oh so unforgettable memories. It was where I went through though mental pressure as I prepared for the A Levels with all my friends.

Honestly, I found the life in JC very difficult. It was a period where in the first year you assume that all is fun and all would go well. But when the second year came, that’s when reality strikes. Scores of students have been known to buckle under pressure and bury themselves amongst the mountains of library books. Better still, this is the 2nd year in which the more challenging A Levels syllabus is tested. Gone were the days where everything was routine memorising. Now is the period of application and processing.

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All in all, any change is just a symbol of the movement of time. I have since graduated from the college, the college itself turned 25 years old and everyone is moving on to different paths in their lives. 


Yet as we gather back again, I am certain we will remember the fun times we had. The moments of magic we all shared (ok this phrase actually comes from a national day song).

Nonetheless, it is still great to see everyone again.

The Living Memory

As the water flows,

It lives, it breathes,

And it remembers.


In the 2 years of our time

Coming as different chimes.

The hours we shared

The joy we spread

From one another’s smile


AJ our second home

With sounds of laughter

and the taste of tears

We made it until now.


Where we started as buds

To become a majestic rose.

A rising sun over the oceans

As we journey on.


Things may have changed,

and it will change for sure.

But what will always remain the same

Are the moments of magic

Which we had as one AJ.


To always care for each other,

Wherever we are,

Whatever we do,

In the spirit of


Non Mihi Solum


*Oh yeah, Chun Hui, congrats for winning the NON MIHI SOLUM award. Cheesy as it sounds, you have done alot for society and deserve it =)