Afternoon tea with a Strawberry Shortcake!


Hi everyone! You might have noticed that my updates to the blog are a couple of times a week, and sometimes things get really slow with all my assignment deadlines in school. As such, I’ve decided to inject another element of short, quick snippets of what I’m eating. Instead of writing out a full length review, these small bites will be quicker and easier to digest (and of course fun for me to write out as well). I thought this will be a great idea to show another dimension of the eats I’m having and it may not necessarily be the good ol’ dishes from restaurants or hawker centres. Also, I will try my very best in letting the food photograph do most of the talking! For those who want to see a full the rest of this category, feel free to select the tag “Quick Eats”! – Cheers, Justin



I was out at Tampines mall the other day to do some shopping with my aunt, when I spotted the row of Strawberry Shortcakes sitting in the chiller at the Four Leaves Bakery. Priced at $3.50 a slice, it was a quick and affordable treat for a now induced craving of sweet strawberry cakes. It was good and value for money, though not the best I’ve tried. Still a bite to satisfy that sweet craving.

Four Leaves
Tampines Mall
4 Tampines Central 5