A Touch of the Divine in Pineapple Tarts from PrimaDeli!

Pineapple Tarts always seem to reign the Chinese New Year goodies show each year with so many varieties and designs, it always seem so hard what to choose to impress. Sometimes you might even choose to make your own pineapple tarts which I did 2 years back (but believe me the process is quite arduous). Though if you want to invite in those buns of golden prosperity into the door, there is the choice of sweet tarty tarts from PrimaDeli.

Divine Pineapple Tarts (Ball shaped) and Fortune Pineapple Tarts (Pineapple Shaped)

Pineapple tarts this time round come in three varieties from PrimaDeli. There is the Divine Pineapple Tarts, Pillow pineapple Tarts and Fortune Pineapple Tarts. The Divine Pineapple Tarts come in a gorgeous golden box ($14.80) with two tiers of the goodies (16 in total) packed within. Each piece is nice and crumbly with a golden flaky skin and a sweet interior that is brimming with goodness. The pastry to filling ratio is also well considered of with an even amount just right for me.

But for something in smaller packages as a gift or simply to decorate the house with, there is the Fortune Pineapple Tarts. Shaped like pineapples themselves, the pastry shell was sweeter than the divine pineapple tarts.

And while these novelty shaped goodies are usually quite minimal on the filling, these fortune tarts are decently generous and layered. Available at $1.60 each. Though I will definitely choose the Divine Pineapple Tarts anytime.

Click here for the Chinese New Year goodies brochure from PrimaDeli

Thank you PrimaDeli