A Sweet Journey to Obolo at I12 Katong.

Obolo, the dessert patisserie since 2004, has now moved its flagship store to the newly opened I12 Katong. With its sweetness to permeate the west at Rochester mall in February, Obolo looks set to reach out to guests from both extremes of the island. And the dessert menu itself has undergone a refresh with new inclusions of brunch/breakfast, soups, salads and lightbites all to accompany the lovers of savoury and sweet.


Starting off with the salad of Teriyaki Chicken ($9.90) made with a combination of romaine lettuce, mesclun greens, tomatoes, red pepper, onions and toasted sliced almonds altogether with pieces of teriyaki chicken and a dressing of goma sauce, this was one salad enough to fill a hungry tummy. I particularly enjoyed the light serving of goma dressing which was slightly tangy with the fragrance of sesame infused and peppered throughout the greens.


I myself for one have a thing slightly against anything capsicum, but the Roasted Capsicum & Tomato Soup with Celery ($5/8.50) was nicely done with a texture thick and rich and a sweet aftertaste hinting slight of the pepper. The tomato flavours were more pronounced, and it was a dish excellent on its own when hot.


Though for sometime slightly more traditional, there is also the Wild Mushroom Soup ($5/8.50). Thick and viscous with chunky pieces of fungi throughout, the flavours were rooted and earthy with a slightly saltier aftertaste, which made the soup very appetizing.


The Obolo Club ($14) sandwich with omellete, ham, emmental cheese and tomato is more for the petite eater. A classic combination with a good serving of fries by the side, definitely for someone who would wish to start off with something light before delving into the desserts proper.


For desserts, one of the dishes which I found unique and nicely done was definitely the Earl Grey Panna Cotta ($12) served together with cocoa meringues and dark chocolate ice cream.


The panna cotta infused with the earl grey was smooth and lightly embraced with flavours of tea throughout. Pairing it with the slightly crisp cocoa meringues, this was a combination of both the buttery jelly smooth and the melt in the mouth crunchy. The dark chocolate ice cream with crumbles acts as a palate changer from time to time.


For a touch of both the hot and the cold, there is the Molleux Au Chocolat Maracaibo ($12) . With an impression close to that of a hot rich dense chocolate cake, the dish is served with a scoop of Movenpick’s Vanilla bean ice cream to top. A fantastic balance between temperatures and a good sweetness throughout leaving a soothing flavour in the first bite.


The Nutella ($4.50) dark chocolate cupcake with Nutella frosting was a little dry and a tad sweet. Best accompanied with some tea to wash down the heaviness.


I tried a mixture of Macarons ($2.35 ea) and what really struck me was the Champagne (coloured off white) variety. Slightly intoxicated with alcohol in each bite, it was a delight by itself. The other flavours featured in the photo are Mango Passion (Yellow), Salted Caramel Chocolate (Brown), Pistachio (Green) and Raspberry Chocolate (Red). With textures slightly chewy, and each a good flavour of their names, the macarons were a beautiful hue for presentation.


The Lemon Meringue Tart ($6.50) was one of the best desserts for me. A good lemon acidity infused within the curd wrapped around with a crisp crumbly tart shell and a slightly sweet cream glazed to a slight brown. A huge portion, and recommended for sharing.


The Mango Passion Cheesecake ($7.50) was more mango flavoured than passionfruit. Yet, I found the cheesecake to be dense and at the same time light. A very nice combination with sweet fruity tastes throughout.


The Guanaja Cheesecake ($7.50) are layers of chocolate, dark chocolate, peanut butter and praline stacked together in harmony. Slightly chocolately rich throughout, the cake had a texture combination of the smooth and the crunchy. Though it would have been perfect with even more crunch to begin with.


All laid out ready for tea.





Jianyi, Chef Mac and me

The desserts at Obolo are well varied and would seem like a perfect place to hang out for tea during the afternoons. In the menu, the savoury items are decent beginners before the expedition into the selection of sweet goodies. Start off with the thick Roasted Capsicum and Tomato Soup before heading into a selection of maybe the Noisette moussecake and Lemon Meringue Tart, and tea time would be a quaint experience altogether as you chat the afternoon away. Now only if the journey to Katong didn’t take 1 hour, I probably would explore the area more often. And I definitely know more goodies lie around the area.

Thank you Obolo for the invitation

112 East Coast Road
I12 Katong
112 Katong
Singapore 428802

Contact : 6636 1073
Opens from : 10am – 10pm daily