A Sunday Brunch Buffet for the Senses at KU DÉ TA, Marina Bay Sands!


The KU DÉ TA Weekend Brunch Buffet is back with a refreshed menu for the delight of all guests! Mainstays such as the Fresh Salmon Sashimi, Pan Seared Foie Gras and freshly shucked Oysters are now a signature on the menu. A snippet of the exciting new items now include a Curry-spiced Crab Benedict, the Tomato and Spicy Beef Pizza from their club lounge, and even the Black Angus burger.


With the restaurant’s brunch starting later at 11am to 3.30pm, the Ku De Ta Weekend Brunch Buffet is one place to hangout Sunday afternoon and witness the majestic skyline that make up Singapore city. Perched at Level 57 of Marina Bay Sands, KU DÉ TA is the place to be, and as their tagline goes, “for a lifestyle less ordinary…”


As a whole, the quality of food at the brunch buffet is good, fresh with a flavourful inspiration that features Asian inspired dishes. The buffet starts from $88++ for the entire range of dishes, with a selection of juices, coffees, Gryphon teas, smoothies, milkshakes and soft drinks. Cocktail Brunch and Champagne Brunch options are also available for those who wish to add a little more zest to that Sunday afternoon.

Start off brunch with some of the freshest salmon sashimi. Whole chunky cuts, in crisp clear flavours. These were a delight to partake in. Don’t forget to pair it with some freshly grated wasabi for that ultimate contrast in flavour in sweet spicy goodness.


To add on to the appetizers, a selection of cold cuts and meats are available.


I wanted to leave the cheese section as a dessert till the last, but I just couldn’t resist and started enjoying them as starters before brunch. A decent selection, with most of them soft and will little pungency.


My starter!


Also available at the side are a variety of salads, and chilled soba noodles for the picking. Enough to whet the appetite, agreed?




To start the buffet proper, order straight from the brunch buffet menu where your dishes will be prepared a la minute fresh from the kitchen. This is in addition to the appetizer and dessert buffet line out in the front, and where you will be entertained for the rest of the afternoon.


A light bite to begin with is the Quarter dozen jet-fresh oysters on ice. Freshly shucked Australian oysters are prepared with salmon roe, lemon emulsion, cucumber jello and micro herbs to give that quintessential flavour of frisky citrus, peppered with the chilled smoothness of refreshing cucumber and herbs. The condiments bring out the sweet natural goodness of the oysters, and one serving is perhaps never enough.


To taste a blend of both the sea and something is traditional familiar as part of the brunch menu, look out for the Crab Benedict. The dish is a combination of sea sweetness and earthy creamy savouriness from the eggs. The crab cakes come spiced and served with a side of mizuna salad and chilli hollandaise. A thoroughly delicious dish that revealed firm crab patties, scented with creamy yolk in smooth buttery flavours. Reminded me of a good croquette, although this will then require stronger and more generous portions of crab meat to truly unleash what it means to have crab.


However, if a starter has to be along the lines of a Caesar salad, go for the house’s Chicken Caesar Salad. Huge, generous portions of char grilled chicken breast come served in a setting of romaine lettuce, grana padano shavings, a slow cooked hen egg and truffle dressings. I did not detect any scent of truffle, and was slightly distracted by the beautiful runny yolk running down the sides of the chicken meat. Each chicken piece is chunky, firm and was separate from the overall flavour of the dish. The dressing of the salad is rather light, so no worries there. I recall eating a Caesar Salad at an American restaurant once, and it was very tasty, but almost decadent. This one at KU DÉ TA, I would say it is a light concoction.


Ku De Ta also features Pan Fried Foie Gras and Curry Bread as part of the brunch buffet menu. It is a unique creation, and different from what I was served last in 2011. Each serving comes with two generous pieces of fattened goose liver with a thin slice of curry soaked toast as the base, and a sprinkle of light sea salt at the top to bring out the flavour in contrasts of buttery creaminess and that touch of spicy goodness.


Clear the palate with some nashi pear, fiji apple and golden raisin, and be refreshed for the next dish to come.


Pastas are now part of the mains on the brunch buffet menu. For a vegetarian option, go for the Arrabiata with its creation of penne, spicy tomato sauce, pitted olives and herb-scented oil. The pasta is very decent, with firm textures coated with a smooth tomato spicy rich sauce that is enough to tickle the tastebuds. Be forewarned that the serving sizes are rather generous as well, so it might do justice to share the dish with a friend or two. IMG_3482

For something a little more creamy, decadent and hearty, go for the Carbonara. Linguine pasta make up this creation of pancetta lardons, white wine, confit shallot & garlic, parmesan cheese and poached egg yolk. Its creamy nature is not to be missed, and is a heavy dish that will fill up the tummy quickly. But still a very good main for cream based pasta lovers, and definitely something I would want to share for all its luxurious textures and flavours.


The adventurous or foreigner in you might be compelled to order the Laksa. However, do take note that this is not a standard serving of laksa widely available from coffeeshops or food courts. Instead, it is a blend of chilli linguine immersed in laksa essence and topped with fresh tiger prawns for all that crunchy experience. The laksa essence is powerful with flavours packing a firm punch, and toned down on the rich coconut creamy side. The bite from the linguine create a unique touch to the dish that distinguishes from the usual ingredients of thick rice noodles, and I have to admit carries up the flavours very well. A tad too spicy I might add if you are not accustomed to hearty fiery flavours, but definitely a must try from what I hear is the Chef’s personal family laksa recipe.


To cool things down after the fieriness of laksa, order a serving of Mango Smoothie. Made from fresh mango and a low fat yogurt, the smoothy is at most mildly sweet with a slight creaminess that is both refreshing but lacklustre in overall kick in flavour.


For a very good portion of scrambled eggs, I highly recommend going for the Smoked Salmon with Eggs. The scrambled eggs are thick and creamy, with a savoury flavour that begs for one to quickly take up the next scoop. Served alongside toasted rye bread for a neutral rustic flavour that brings out the flavours of egg rather well, pair the ingredients with serving of smoked salmon for a touch of the sea and that slightly smoky fragrance.


I was game to try the different smoothies this time round and ordered the White Peach and Pineapple Smoothie for all its exoticness in a name. It might appeal to some, but I was a tad disappointed in the disjointed flavours and slightly awkward combination of white peach or pineapple that provided an experience that was neither here nor there.


If you are one who must have their burgers on the table at a Sunday brunch, you might want to consider the Black Angus Burger. Made with aberdeen angus patty, pickled dill, tomato relish, green chilli mayonnaise, emmental cheese and with a side of oven finished potato wedges, this is a whole portion of meat that will sate your tastebuds. I really enjoyed the side of wedges as their chunk disposition with a good sprinkle of salt all around really added weight to the meal. The burger was almost decent if not for the supposed toasted but now soggy bottom half bun that suffered a good sloppy mess from the tomato relish. Burgers are still meant to be lifted and eaten with your hands.


The smoothie that impressed me was the Raspberry, Watermelon and Mint Smoothie. It carried a good mix of sweet and berry tart flavours that complemented the yogurt well.


On the menu this time are some inclusions from the Ku De Ta Bar Lounge menu – pizzas. The ever popular tomato pizza makes its presence felt, but I opted for the Spicy Beef Pizza made with minced angus and wagyu, caramelized onion, coriander and sriracha chilli. The pizza was definitely well executed with the spicy sauce lending a nice touch to the meaty goodness found in each slice. I liked how the melted cheese provided a slight contrast to the strong flavours of spice by giving that occasional break in texture and taste. A good serving to call for, but definitely one for sharing.


The last attempt before desserts saw me ordering Mussels. The molluscs are prepared with a thin curry broth, coconut cream, onion confit. There was supposed to be rustique bread but I didn’t see any in mine. The spicy curry flavours are a nice complement to the sweet mussel meat. A thumbs up, but nothing out of this world.   


Passion MoJo – Vanilla infused Barcadi Carta Blanca Rum, Vanilla Liqueur, Passion Fruit, Fresh Lime & Spear mint ($20)


Desserts? No?


A sweet treat to also begin the feast probably has to go to the Oreo Shake. Simple ingredients of oreo cookies, milk and ice cream are blended together to whip up this creation of heavenly sins. I took a sip, and told myself, “I hear the gym calling me”.


Fresh off the menu, go for the American style pan cakes for a wholesome sweet experience that comes with blueberry, caramelized almonds and white chocolate cream (so that’s what it was. It was good). Drizzle the pancake with the maple syrup for that complete experience. Although I might classify this as a dessert, it can very well be the starter for the entire brunch.


A stronger, heartier sweet treat comes with the Focaccia French Toast. Served with a sour cherry compote, vanilla whipped cream and with the focaccia itself dusted with icing sugar, this is an almost beautiful piece of breakfast that is not to be missed.  


However, something that really got me enjoying is the Strawberry Yogurt Pot. Greek yogurt, fresh strawberries, honey and vanilla come together in a single creation for that luxurious but (almost) healthy experience. I enjoyed the bright flavours that stood out from the rest, and it dawned upon me why didn’t I start my brunch with this. Having it at the end meant that I was too full to really go through the flavours.


The dessert line at the counter make up the last bastion of sweets that you will have for that brunch. A wide variety of treats such as Chilli chocolate tart, home made marshmallows, sweet pastries and tiramisu is available for the picking. This is the section where I let your eyes do the work in enjoying the sweet feast left for all to savour.




 IMG_3436 IMG_3441

Chilli Padi Chocolate Tart – A must try if its there




Wasabi Macaroons?







The Weekend Brunch Buffet at KU DÉ TA is one that is meant for a complete sensorial experience. With a breakfast spread atop the Skypark at Marina Bay Sands, all guests are given a visual treat to start with if the weather permits. From there, the food experience is one that is laidback and casual with quality ingredients coming along together for that creation of Asian inspired dishes. While not all the dishes are executed at its finest, I dare say that this brunch buffet is a wholesome adventure that will leave you stuffed and satisfied if you enjoy the dishes served by Ku De Ta. The portion sizes at this buffet is typically generous, and are best shared with friends. That way, you get to try a little of everything and perhaps even have space to try out the entire dessert selection at the end.

Thank you Ku De Ta for the invitation

KU DÉ TA Restaurant
Level 57
1 Bayfront Avenue
Marina Bay Sands Tower 3
Singapore 018971
Reservations : 6688 7688
Weekend brunch hours : 11am – 3.30pm

Ku De Ta Brunch
$88++ per person ; $58++ (6-12 years) ; Complimentary for kids 5 years and below.
Beverages : Free flow of juices, coffee, tea, smoothies, milkshakes and soft drinks

$148++ for added Ku De Ta Cocktails, Sangria and Draft Beers

$198++ for added Ku De Ta Cocktails, Sangri, Draft Beers, selection of White, Rose and Red Wines, Louis Roederer Brut Premier Champagne