A Strange Fondness For That Ume Pork Roll @ The Tampopo Restaurant


My visits to Liang Court have always brought me past the Tampopo Restaurant. And each time I glanced into the restaurant, it would be crowded and busy. The various accolades lining the entrance might be carrots out for the dangle, but it is hard not to be enticed by the wide variety, unique dishes and choice ingredients used to tempt the palate.

My Uncle KY brought grandma, my aunts, uncle, mum, cousin and me to the restaurant for a mid day lunch. For me I had the Healthy Cutlet Set ($16.80). A set of Ume Pork Roll, Asparagus, Onion, Sweet Potato and Mushroom, the ingredients were unique though healthy could be an oxymoron to anything deep fried.

The batter for the ingredients were crisp and well coated with crumbs that give a good bite and enticing texture. For the Ume Pork Roll, I must admit that the name sounded delicious. Pork slices rolled about a blend of plum sauce with a sweet, tart, and slightly salty flavour. It was a shocker for my tastebuds when I first tasted it. Surprising at first, but you can grow fond of it in a strange sort of way.

And instead of the usual pork cutlets like those found at Ginza Bairin, the pieces of chunky sweet onion and asparagus were a novel idea for a healthy dish

I have mixed feelings for the Tampopo restaurant. It was good but not good enough. Perhaps I have yet to order the dish that would make me go wow or even with the lasting impression for me to keep coming back. Maybe my standards are a bit much as their sister restaurant Sushi Tarafuku had me coming back for their Mentaiko Sardine, Uni, Salmon Sushi and what not. Yes they have the same dishes on the menu, but maybe I expected something more.

Still, if I were in the area, the Tampopo Restaurant might be my place to visit. That Ume Pork Roll though a bit strange at first, has left me with a fondness for the taste again. Weird? But tasty.

Tampopo Restaurant
Liang Court Shopping Centre
177 River Valley Road

Opens From : Mon–Sun: 11.30am – 10.00pm
Tel : 6338 3186