A Somersby Tale of Bliss!


Somersby, the ever popular Apple Cider drink well known throughout Singapore is making its first firm culinary appearance in the country with its partnership with the Bliss House themed restaurant at the Central. While the cider has pleased the tastebuds of many with its fizzy, sweet nature in all manner of light heartedness, the diversity of its usage is highlighted this time round with its infusion into cocktails and dishes off the menu. At the Bliss House themed restaurant, all guests will experience the moment of picnic dining, indoors. With its wedding white decor, and artificial grass covering the floors, it is one theme that will liven the moment towards how Somersby is best enjoyed. This is start for a Somersby tale of Bliss!


Somersby, chilled and ready to drink. Oh and did I mention, that you can get Somersby draught here.


For lunch last weekend, the restaurant looked like a picture taken out of Alice in Wonderland. With the long rows of white tables and chairs over the green grass, and the bright comforting midday sun streaming in, it was almost a picture perfect moment. Beautiful.


The Refreshing Somersby Trio Bliss Cocktail – Bubbly Bliss, Refreshing Bliss, Sweet Ruby Bliss


For the lunch cocktails, we were walked through by Mixologist Yishu. Yishu started the path of mixology when he first met Akihiro Eguchi, the Diageo World Class Singapore’s Champion. There, he learned the tricks of the trade and developed a fine acumen for mixing spirits, ingredients and juices together. However, the real deal for the day is with the introduction three uniquely crafted cocktails that is prepared with Somersby Apple Cider.



The sweet ruby bliss (pictured above) comes mixed with Somersby Apple Cider, pomegranate and gin with a poached apple garnish. Truly sparkling and refreshing, with the mix of sweet, tart fruity flavours coming together nicely. My personal favourite is the Refreshing Bliss as that comes with the stronger flavours of citrus grapefruit that complement the sweet apple cider. The Bubble Bliss is pretty decent with its mix of gin and celery puree, perfect for that hot afternoon.


Lunch was prepared by Executive Chef Dennis Ong. A self-trained chef, Dennis comes from an experienced background ranging from Saint Pierre, Senso, Michaelangelo’s and the Le Amis Group. His style of cuisine for the picnic inspired lunch is one that is refreshing and light, with choice focus of bringing out key flavours prominent in the main ingredient. Pretty wise choice that to complement the fruity flavours of Somersby cider.


Lunch started off with a serve of Somersby Refreshing Ploughman Salad. Fresh mesclun salad with savoury salty cheddar cheese is matched with cherry tomatoes, olives and Japanese cucumbers, finally tossed in a Somersby Apple Cider Vinaigrette. The delicately crafted salad is a simple combination of fruits and vegetables that are easy on the palate, where flavours are naturally focused in each separate piece. The sweet, slightly tangy vinaigrette tugs the ingredients together. Though I am more of a fun of salads that come well tossed and wholesome, this was a refreshing start to lunch.


The petite portion of Somersby Decadent Foie Gras was a stronger representation of how the Apple cider can be thoughtfully introduced. With the cider simmered to a reduction, the sweetness intensified and was an excellent combination with the fatty cut of foie gras. I’m a little curious on the choice of puff pastry as while it provided an interesting crisp, flaky texture, it was more brittle upon the piercing by a fork. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the chef’s intentions were for this dish to be eaten whole or in two bites with one’s fingers. But then again, when it comes to table manners, almost everyone was out to not make a mistake and impress by using a fork and knife.


The main of Somersby Pasta-Fantastica, despite its cheesy sounding name, tastes savoury with an lasting aftertaste of sweetness. The ingredients of assorted greens, minced pork infused with the Cider and veal jus, makes this dish wholesome and comforting for that delicate lunch. Petite portions are always good, though I’m not too sure if a larger portion of this would leave one feeling a little too sated and satisfied.


The next main of Somersby Three Little Pigs is probably a cruel twist to what would happen if the wolf got to the pigs. Not too sure if this should be recommended for kids endeared to the fairytale, but an interesting attempt towards using the cider to complement meats in a dish. The set comes as a trio of pan roasted pork tenderloin topped with roasted capsicum, onion confit, and prosciutto with Somersby Apple Cider sauce to represent Sweet, Salty, Savoury.

The roasted capsicum was surprisingly good as the sweet slightly refreshing bitter flavours cut through the deep flavours of pork, and stood hand to hand with the apple cider sauce. This represents the savoury option on the set, and a wise choice.


When it comes to the Prosciutto (presented as the salty portion of meat), I have to say the topping and base was more disproportionate in flavour. The sharp saltiness from the prosciutto is quickly insufficient for the serving, and one is left having to dig into the whole chunk of meat with only the apple sauce base as a consolation.


Personally, I thought that the Onion confit variant stood out the most. The sweetness of caramelized onion matched the apple cider flavours nicely in two dimensions, complementing each other on varying notes. By this time, I have to admit that the three servings of pork was very generous, but too dry within. Maybe a better cut in the future, or perhaps prepared a different method. Still, a decent dish as a whole.


As an end to lunch, there was A Blissful Somersby Finish – a combination of poached pear in Somersby Apple Cider, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sesame cracker. Simple and not too extravagant in flavours. I enjoyed it but the taste is not one that would make you fall heads over heels.


Me and Desiree


The Somersby experience at Bliss House Theme Restaurant was enjoyable and light hearted from start to end. As the decor places the setting for the food, the gastronomic journey there changes from a mere lunch to an adventure that leads to a discovery accompanied by the flavours from the menu and the drinks. It is an interesting partnership, though I personally think that sometimes the overuse of any one ingredient as a must throughout the menu can limit the culinary options of presentation and flavour to a singular dimension. Fortunately, the menu is larger than just the somersby inspired selection, and one can rest easy as they enjoy their meal and drinks with a full spectrum of flavours that would please tastebuds.

Thank you Somersby for the invitation

Bliss House Theme Restaurant
The Central
6 Eu Tong Sen Street
Singapore 059817
Website : http://www.blisshouse.com.sg/