A Pizza Hungry for Delivery!


With the exams finally over (for most of us last Thursday), my apartment mates and I decided to do a little post-exam celebration with pizza and dessert. Domino’s currently has an exclusive promotion of 2 large pizzas for $33, and with it now serving delivery to NUS University Town, we were stoked to order.


Diavola Beef

The 6 of us ordered 4 large pizzas of Classic Pepperoni, Diavola Beef, Hawaiian Paradise and  Classified Chicken in thin crust. When I first opened the boxes, I thought the ones that looked delicious enough to begin with were the Pepperoni and Hawaiian. The rest, I guess they could do a little on the looks department.

IMG_4209 Hawaiian Paradise

Out of all the flavours we selected, my favourites were the Hawaiian Paradise and Classified Chicken. The Hawaiian paradise carried pineapples, which is a natural ingredient to balance out the savoury meatiness from the pizza in its entirety, giving the overall flavour a touch of fruitiness. It’s one of those selections that you can never go wrong with. I enjoyed the thin, filo pastry like crust that came with the pizza, though I have to admit that it reduces the pizza from filling you too quickly.


Classified Chicken

The Classified Chicken on the other hand was delish because of its creamy sweet savoury flavours that popped with each bite. The menu puts it as 100% Mozzarella Cheese with Smoked Chicken Breast, Fresh Onions and Mushrooms. However, from what I tasted I thought it resembled mayonnaise with chicken, except in all sorts of delicious combinations. One quirk I have to raise is how the pizzas came sliced in squares instead of the regular triangular slices. This might be something you have to request from Domino’s and the only fuss it made was we could not split the cost of pizzas per slice.

While we thought that 4 large pizzas might suffice lunch for the 6 of us, it really was more of a starter than a good portion to celebrate with after the exams. It might have been the thin crust option that we selected, but while the pizzas were tasty, they were not filling. I had a good mind to order in another round of food from foodpanda.sg but luckily we made up for it with cheese brownies and steamed Japanese rice plus seasonings to share. Maybe the next time, I’ll expand my delivery selections.

Domino’s Pizza
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