A Peranakan Inspired Dumpling Festival!


The Dumpling festival is almost unto us with less than a month away on the 12th day of June. And Man Fu Yuan from the InterContinental Singapore is set to delight tastebuds this Duan Wu Jie with selections of Peranakan inspired dumplings, available from the 13 May to 12 June. From the best selling Man Fu Yuan Jumbo Dumpling to the newly introduced Babi Pongteh Dumpling, this is your bak chang created with a different twist!


The dumpling packaging is simple but attractive. A rich royal purple with prints of gold, hinting at the delectable dumplings within.


The Man Fu Yuan Jumbo Dumpling ($24.80) is the signature choice from the restaurant. An embracement of roast duck, roasted pork belly, dried scallops, Chinese Mushroom, salted egg yolk, chestnut and green bean make up this combination of glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.


Open it up and reveal the stuffed goodness within. Very tasty. I especially enjoyed the piece of fatty pork luxuriously placed in the middle. It made an enjoyable combination with the rice and beans, and a very enjoyable sharing portion round the table. Remember to pair the dumpling with the side of special sauce, it livens the tastes to another level altogether.  


The other two dumplings for attention is the Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Goose Web and Abalone Sauce and the Babi Pongteh Dumpling.


The Glutinous Rice Dumpling with Goose Web and Abalone ($12.80) is one of the tastiest and nuttiest dumplings of the lot. Something about tucking in to gelatinous goose web from France, make the entire dumpling an enjoyable experience. Its soft, silky textures marbled with the layers of skin complement the stick rice really well. Stuffing of pork belly, peanut and mushroom complete the entire combination. Savoury sweet with a light smoky flavour and a touch of saline that permeates the tongue, this is, good.


The Babi Pongteh Dumpling ($8.80) highlight stood out for me descriptively as it was suggestively spiced with cinnamon and gula Melaka. Out of the three I tried, this was one of the Peranakan inspired variants. The thought of savoury braised pork with essence of fragrant palm sugar makes one water in the mouth as it is a combination that would leave one satisfied when done right. Dreams aside, the babi pongteh dumpling was decent though it could do with a touch more gula melaka to make the sweetnes a little more pronounced. Still, I reckon the restaurant chose a little more cautious route by bringing out more meaty flavours. The stuffing was good, the rice shiny and luxurious. However, in a nondescript moment, I was also served a side of white sugar which I had no idea what to pair it with. Maybe this dumpling? I don’t know. But it’s good all on its own.

Man Fu Yuan
InterContinental Singapore
Contact : 6825 1062
Dumpling promotion : 13 May to 12 June 2013
Collection of dumplings at Man Fu Yuan Restaurant or Tea Hut (located at the entrance of the hotel)