A Parkroyal Seafood Fiesta on Beach Road!


The iconic Seafood Fiesta buffet makes a return at PARKROYAL on Beach Road’s Plaza Brasserie! Delights this time round will tantalize guests with freshly shucked oysters, salted egg yolk crab, clams, prawns, and even sambal stingray, making this fiesta one with a warm spot for many tastebuds. Available from now till 31st May, the buffet feast comes complete with a wider spread of select local favourites and international dishes, and of course a dessert spread to satisfy that sweet craving at the end. Ready to be a seafood lover?


The selection of seafood change from time to time. For this dinner, I started off with the White Clams cooked in Sweet and Sour Gravy. A real delight with sauce oh so finger licking good. I especially enjoyed slurping up the finely chopped onion as it complemented the slightly chewy clam meat with the occasional crunch and burst of refreshing grassy sweetness. A good blend of sweet and sour flavours, making this dish a must try.


XO Prawns is another item to look out for, though I also hear the other variant the Sambal Prawns are pretty good. Tuck in to flash fried prawns, quickly stir fried and coated with a slightly caramelized XO paste. Enjoy the prawns by giving it a good smother, and then biting through the shell to quickly reveal the unique savouriness within. The XO sauce gives a nice sweet touch with a gritty flavourful texture that reminds me of onions, dried prawns and the occasional burst of garlic.


If you are a crab lover, the buffet line up is proud to present its Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg Yolk. I was decently surprised when I found the entire crab to be quite crispy (I reckon the chef deep fried the pieces to soften the shells). But the best part of any crab dish is the sauce that lovingly coats all over. While the dish is supposed to be crabs coated with salted egg yolk, I thought the flavours reminded me of sweet butter crab instead. Nevertheless, a good dish to dig into. And although I’m not a particular favourite of crabs (I don’t really take to going through the shells), I managed to enjoy a good serving of at least 4 pieces. Now that I’m impressed.


If you a fan of large clams cooked in Black Bean Sauce, keep a look out for this!


This is my first time going to a buffet and having portions of freshly prepared Sambal Sting Ray. The sambal was hot enough, coating the piece of sting ray evenly throughout though I do feel that maybe the strong sea flavours could be a tad diluted. But to spice things up further, pair the fish with some of the chilli onion sauce by the side. The sweet red onions are the real deal in this dish, and an excellent complement to perhaps the sting ray and more.

All these are just some of the highlights in addition to a much wider seafood and standard buffet spread. The Seafood Fiesta at Plaza Brasserie is definitely a pitstop if you want a good mix of local seafood delights all in a single sitting. I found most of the highlights for the night pretty delicious with the occasional “licking fingers” moment, though the flavours of the sting ray are best complemented with chilli and onion dip. A worthwhile visit to bring your family and friends. Especially so with Mother’s day coming up. Gosh that’s pretty quick.

Thank you PARKROYAL on Beach Road for the invitation

Plaza Brasserie
7500 Beach Road
PARKROYAL on Beach Road
Reservations : 6505 5710

Best of Asia – Seafood Fiesta at Plaza Brasserie (now till 31st May 2013)
Dinner Mon – Thu : Adult $53++ Child $32++
Dinner Fri – Sun : Adult $58++ Child $35++

Please contact restaurant for Easter and Mother’s Day Seafood Fiesta promotions and pricing.