A Lunch Date With My Two Little Cousins At Sakae Sushi


Last Sunday, I brought my two cousins, Zhao Qiang and Zhao Cheng, out for a lunch treat with grandma at Sakae Sushi. It was the little one’s (zhao qiang) birthday the day before and as I missed it, I felt that he deserved a nice treat of Japanese food as a make up to him.

IMG_9299 IMG_9303

I called quite a few items like the Salmon Mango Ebi Tempura Sushi, Foie Gras from the Teppanyaki section, and a three bento sets to go around.

IMG_9318 IMG_9309

For Zhao Qiang, I asked him to look at the kid’s menu and decide what he would like to eat. Naturally, he chose the most vibrant colour (red) and the fire engine promptly came along with cutely designed sushi plus fries and chicken. I thought he would be able to finish it but never did I realise that he had already helped himself (and he is only 4) to a pink plate of tamgo with eel nigiri sushi. Exquisite taste I must say. He ate the sushi finish before I could even take a photo

Zhao Cheng had the Black Pepper Beef and Tempura Bento. I had a Sakae Gozen that included Japanese curry, chicken cutlet, sashimi moriwase, terriyaki gindara and the standard of rice and miso soup. Auntie Eng on the other hand had the Paper Steamboat of Kimchi Beef. Very nice with full robust flavours.

Japanese food always look good, maybe its the cute petite designs most of the dishes come in. But looking at them always whet my appetite. How about you? Hungry?

This meal is complements from Sakae Sushi