Just got back from meeting my JC Council mates, and after we had a full meal of 4 LARGE PIZZAS with melted cheese everywhere, and the occasional chilli padi as a topping, I was still hungry. Decided to whip up some omellete fried together with white bait, garlic sprout and daikon. Yum. Of course, the strawberries there are not just for show – you do need to have fruits in every meal don’t you?


Rachel brought these back from Thailand (after her mission trip). Kinda familiar eh the packaging! Anyway, the dried squid was great.

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DSCF6524 Well, the pizza offered at Pizza hut (the buy 1 get 1 free offer) was not too bad. Except for the fact that there were chilli padi as toppings in one of the pizzas and everyone started breathing fire and gulping down gallons of water. LOL, but was it that spicy? Haha. Somewhat of a dare by Pizza Hut.


Most of the council guys came out from BMT, and so yeah their hair are still short. Was expecting them to wear caps as somehow they seem to be the fashion statement once you come out of the little island at the north-east.


Nicholas suddenly jumped into the frame while I was taking random shots. Nicely done la NIcholas, nicely done.


Not everyone was present, but yeah at least most of the gang were there. Sure a long time since everyone left school, but yeah at least we can still meet up.

By the way, lets enjoy some entertaining videos I took from youtube. You might have seen these, but still they are fun to replay and remember.

Very good reminder by Mr Brown and his fan for creating this video about the importance of washing hands (and the whole body)

I still cannot forget Hossan Leong’s parody on the history of Singapore (which is portrayed quite accurately in the video). Enjoy a bit of laughter =) Till then.