A Glimpse Into ParkRoyal’s Lunar New Year Buffet

For me, it seldom occurred to my mind of having the Lunar New Year Reunion Dinner at a buffet. It has always been a sit down dining affair or simply home cooked greatness. But the novelty of having buffet for a reunion is simply the variety, the luxurious enjoyment of being pampered with tasty dishes and for Chinese New Year, even Yu Sheng as part of the menu for everyone to toss and enjoy. At ParkRoyal on Beach Road, I had a glimpse into what was being offered this Lunar New Year on its buffet menu.

ParkRoyal on Beach Road Lunar New Year “Rabbit” Dumplings for the Media Guests. Awww…cute.


The Yusheng at Plaza Brasserie buffet line for this Chinese New Year is Executive Chef Jackson Goh Mong Choon’s latest creation, XO Yu Sheng with Bak Kwa. Promised to be a tantalizing mix of savoury goodness and sweet delights, this is one yu sheng to look forward to when having the buffet.

Preparing the Yu Sheng for tossing with all the guests.

I personally found the yu sheng to be crisp throughout with a healthy mix of colour and tasty juices. Its sweetness level might be a little overdone but that is a matter of personal choice.

The media were invited to a special luncheon featuring selected highlights to look forward to on the Chinese New Year buffet menu. Traditionally for most dinners, one will choose the Sea Cucumber, Shark’s Fin and Crabmeat in Fish Maw Broth. Silky and viscous, this was decently prepared and served.

One interesting dish to look out for would be the Steamed Chicken with Chestnut in Mini Lotus Leaf. Presented finely for the luncheon, slices of chicken breast meat were wrapped around julienned chestnuts and served atop a mini lotus leaf and sprinkled with floss. A dish to look out for.

The Fried Mee Sua with Shredded Meat and Shrimp was very nicely done with thorough savoury flavours throughout. A little on the oily side though but well and tasty for that level of satisfaction.

As a light dessert, there was a serving of Sesame Glutinous Rice Ball in Peanut Soup. Milk white in colour, the soup was delicately flavoured and sweetened. Textures of soft peanut and chewy rice balls were an interesting contrast.

I might not have tried out the buffet itself per se, but a glimpse into the spread is enough to whet my appetite to begin with, and that was after I had the luncheon. Take a look, and feast your eyes.

Oodles of Seafood.

Cocktail salads

Smorgasbord of desserts

That berry cheese cake looks exceptionally luscious.


Hot mains to enjoy.

Cheese, Breads, Crackers, and Keropok.

I wonder if these can be eaten..




One more option to be spoilt for choice on where to go for this year’s Lunar New Year reunion dinner.

Prosperity Buffet Feast Adult Child
Lunch $38 $23
Dinner $48 $29
Reunion Buffet Feast    
Dinner $68 $41
Lunar New Year Buffet Feast    
Lunch $55 $33
Dinner $55 $33

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Thank you Shivani, ParkRoyal on Beach Road for the invitation to this media session.