A Class of Indulgence at Marriott Cafe!

Marriott Cafe at the Marriott Hotel is now back with a brand new look following a 3 month long facelift at the end of last year. Since the last time I’ve been at the cafe two years ago, stepping into the buffet restaurant presented now revealed a refreshing persona in both the design and the gourmet line up.


Before heading into the restaurant, marvel and gaze the simple but impressive decor that takes centre stage.


The new Marriott Cafe features a central open kitchen where guests can witness the chefs whipping up dishes, creating a lively atmosphere and recognition to the skilled hand behind the scenes.


On selected nights and weekend lunches, the cafe is serving a selection of Boston Lobsters, King Crab Legs and Whole Baked Fish. All the more to tempt the senses.


Not far off from the lobster section, a showcase of the gourmet meats available hangs delicately on hooks.


Decent assortment of shaved hams and salami


The salad bar is now alive with aloe vera adorning the top. While the plants are not part of the meal, the bar features an extensive variety of veggies together with over 20 condiments as accompaniments. Talk about being spoilt for choice.


Condiments, Condiments, Condiments!


Le Sushi and Sashimi Counter


Hot dish stations

IMG_2370 IMG_2368

I was thoroughly fascinated in the deep flavours procured from the slow cooked Pork Ribs in honey. It was meaty with a good robust taste that went extremely well with the sauteed wild mushrooms and pearl barley risotto by the side.




Also new this time is the wider selection of premium roasted meats and extensive side dishes available at the Beech Oven section.


At least 14 side dishes and sauces to accompany your roasted meat of choice!


The Whole Baked Fish is superb with a fresh flavour throughout, a good bite of meatiness and a touch of natural oils.

IMG_2386 IMG_2391

The Roasted Pork with Crackling Skin. I paired it with side of pumpkin and potatoes.


Roast Beef is also up for grabs!


Live Pulled Noodles Section

From now till 17th June, Marriott Cafe is featuring the a selection called the Spirit of Beijing Menu in addition to its traditional line up.


Indulge in classics like the Wok Fried Chinese Cabbage with Minced Pork (above), or the Wok Fried Lamb with Chinese Leek. Both equally tempting and tasty with generous flavours to bring out the subtleness of the meat.


During dinners, there is the all time favourite Peking Duck with skin of duck drizzled with sweet sauce wrapped in a crepe skin. I would say that it lacks a certain oomph for me, with tough skin and a glaze sauce that seems a little mismatch.


The selection available in the Spirit of Beijing rotates daily, so if you make a return visit, you might not get the exact same dishes.


One dish to look out for is the Wok Braised Duck with Yellow Wine. Full fledged in savoury flavours with a tinge of familiar chinese alcohol, the braised duck is tender with its skin slightly fatty, giving a beautiful touch to the dish. 


Buffets these days really love to pile you on with the heavy stuff. And it gets even better at the Marriott Cafe with a selection of pasta including the familiar Squid Ink delight. Choose the style in which you want to have your pasta done, and make a decision of what ingredients to put in. There’s plenty to choose from.


For my squid ink pasta, I had it done with a Pesto sauce base topped with mushroom and bacon. Served slightly oily, it was a dish brimming full of natural flavours. Had to salt it a little more to really bring out the taste, but it was good altogether.


We can now open a bakery! Bread, Bread.


More Bread!


Even more bread! Just imagine these served hot and toasty warm, with the caramelized white sugar melded sweetly together with the yeast on the inside, only to exude that scented fragrance throughout in tantalizing the senses.


Buffet is not complete without dessert, these Lemon Meringue pastries were quaintly cute with their cream dalloped on the top, yet delicately decorated with red to add a christmas sparkle for this summer season.


The shine on this dessert deserves a good mention. I thought they were Salmon roe, but boy was I mistaken. Excellent combination though.


You can always make a good chocolate dessert to please!


Sticky Rice Mango Pudding

Assortment of cakes


Pandan puffs with caramel


More chocolate and puddings


Seasonal fruits of Watermelon, Honeydew, Pineapple, Dragonfruit and a selection of grapes


Bring out the traditional English desserts of Eton Mess. A wholesome combination of meringue, cream and a stuffing of an assorted array of ingredients, these deserved my thumbs up. Go especially for the creation of Mango with Macadamia, it is bound to please with that varied textures, nutty fragrance and sweet mango aromas. I still can’t get over this.



The new Java+ Cafe serving Snacks to go!


Dining at the Marriott Cafe was a totally refreshed experience altogether. The night of indulgence really ended on a sweet note with a good serving of Eton Mess that was simply too decadent on many fronts. There were a couple of misses in the line up yet the general flavour and outlook of the buffet (especially the desserts) make this spread notable with a hint to “tickle my tastebuds further”!

Thank you Marriott Hotel for the invitation

Marriott Cafe
320 Orchard Road
Singapore 238865

Website : http://www.singaporemarriott.com/dining/mc_general.html
Reservations & Enquiries : 6831 4605

The Spirit of Beijing promotion is available till 17th June 2012
Please contact the restaurant for exact buffet prices.