A Beachfront Dining Experience By 1-TwentySix


From the dining experience by Roast at One Rochester, the 1-Rochester Group has launched a new dining movement at their beachfront restaurant entitled COAST by 1-TwentySix. Featuring the concept of communal dining in relaxing ambience and scenary, 1-TwentySix comes about as a place for friends and family to gather and engage in lively banter while unwinding from their hectic day.

For this dinner, 1-TwentySix specially arranged for my guest and me to sample a communal menu of sea fresh delicacies ranging from a chilled platter to a main and a dessert. The set I had comes at a value of $70++ per person. And if you intend to partake in The COAST Platter which I have done, a supplement amount of $18 per person is to be added to the final value.


As starters, the restaurant served up freshly baked wheat bread with a decent dip of olive oil and light sauce. Warm on the inside and served, the skin was crusty yet delightfully soft at the same time.

The COAST Platter comes as a serving for two. There are prawns, crab, oysters, mussels, clams and sashimi for a party of two to savour. The arrangement were decently fresh with the light sauce and wasabi dip being an excellent complement to the tastes of the seafood. Oysters were juicy and sweet with a creamy texture upon each slurp. And the crab was decently boiled to retain its juiciness.

My guest had the main of Classic Fish Pie with Snapper, Ocean Trout, Prawn, Leek and Dill. Typically along the lines of any traditional English pie bowl, the mix of seafood well blended within turned out to be a smorgasbord of flavours which hinted towards the creamy savoury sweet tastes of tuna. The cream sauce was a little thin yet decent enough to pair any subtle flavours in each bite.


For me, I had the Seared King Scallops with Smoked Sea Urchin Risotto. Presented simply with a tempuraed endive and grilled asparagus as a dressing, I found the risotto to be creamy, adequately savoury with a rounded after taste of earthy scent after each scoop. The smoked sea urchins added a touch of flavours at the end and the seared king scallops kept its juiciness and meatiness.


The sides of Herbed Leaf Salad, Brocolini with garlic and ginger, and French Fries with Sea Salt were a delightful accompaniment to the mains, giving a variation of taste every now and then.

Lastly, for desserts, I called for the Grand Assiette, the sharing portion for two. The wait staff was a little unsure of the name of the desserts so as according to me, here is what I think it is. From right to left, White Meringue with Honey and Mango Sauce, Dark Chocolate Cake with Blueberry Sauce, Coffee Mousse, Creme Brulee with Peach Slices and Peanuts, Lemon Rind Sponge Mousse.

When it comes to desserts as an end note to any meal, I found there were hits as well as misses. The meringue was freshly created with the sweetness being just right for my liking. And my favourite out of the platter was the Lemon Rind Spong Mousse with bits of chopped lemon rind within to add a zest bitter fruit flavour to the overall sourness. The Coffee Mousse on its own was neither here nor there with tastes too bitter as an overall accompaniment in the platter and the Creme Brulee was a tad too strong in the use of Evaporated milk as a dressing.

When it comes to dining in, 1-TwentySix features both indoor and alfresco dining. The wide range of liquors and a wine cellar available ensures a good variety to pass the time through the night while enjoying the sea breeze with close company.

The setting is best experienced under the cool atmosphere of the night where the dim lights go on and a live band entertains guests throughout. Ultimately, when factoring in the cozy ambience, serene locality, prompt service, decent quality and range of cuisine on the menu, the experience justifies for the value. Just imagine the restaurant as an escape from the offices and buildings in the city while enjoying the sea breeze right from the table. For 1-TwentySix, it is just not about dining, it is about communal dining with everyone.

Thank You Chiew Yen from 1-TwentySix for hosting this tasting session.

IMG_8067 1-TwentySix
902 East Coast Parkway #01-26
Playground @ Big Splash
Tel : 6348 2126

By Public Transport : From Parkway Parade SC, take a $1.00 shuttle bus to Playground @ Big Splash

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