3 Inch Sin. Rendezvous with the Baileys Molten Lava Cake

The Christmas Spirit is in the season and all along the busy streets of the city and Orchard, lights and glittered season animals dot the area. It is that once a year occasion where festivities are bright and cheery, and even time seem take a slower pace forward. In all that mood, sometimes the urge for warm, comfort food settles in. And what better than chocolate to settle it all. Perhaps even more so with a good shot of Baileys Irish cream within. Heard of 3 Inch Sin, the inspiring outlet from Cluny Court at Bukit Timah? Look no further, a second outlet has graced its way at Millenia Walk.

Even the trees are draped with lights and snowflakes


3 Inch Sin supposedly has some of the finest Molten Lava Cake around the island. And the Millenia Walk branch simply makes that exquisite goodness all the more accessible for even more chocolate lovers!


The only slight difference this time round is that each Molten Lava Cake is served in a soufflé cup. I’ve missed the traditional way of breaking the edges and watch the insides ooze out,  but if you speak about flavours and runny liquid goodness in the interior, this is still not to be missed.


I tried both the Baileys Molten Lava Cake ($7.50) and the Original goodness ($6.50). Simply put, the shot of Irish liqueur adds a distinct kick of alcohol and the blend of its creaminess with the smooth velvety 70% chocolate cake simply makes you go “ahh”


The original was just as good with certain parts being slightly sticky. But somehow I can’t get over the serving in the souffle cup. Let me cut through my molten lava cake any day.


Ice cream by the side are available at $3.50 per scoop. And specially for this festive season, Rum and Raisin and Chocolate ice cream are some of the specials making their appearance alongside the traditional French Vanilla Bean and Macadamia Nut flavours. Take note though, the Rum and Raisin is a little cloyingly sweet when paired extensively but if you love that sweet note for the night, it seems like a perfect way to wind down the day.


As Master Yoda might have put it : “Must you not go to The Dark Side” Apparently Celine of 3 Inch Sin has refused to listen such sagely advice and gone ahead to produce her creation of The Dark Side ($6 a slice) consisting of a sweet pastry tart filled with dark, velvety chocolate ganache. Cut through the slice and realize just how condensed the entire filling is.


Nymph of the Nile and Chamomile Dream


To look for some really good chocolate desserts, 3 Inch Sin seems the place to stop by especially if you are around the area. The creations might be simple, but sometimes with simplicity there is beauty. The seating area is quite limited and though it might not be a place to spend your afternoon slowly gazing through “Inheritance” by Christopher Paolini while enjoying cakes and tea, 3 Inch Sin at Millenia Walk offers very nice chocolate for that particular moment of craving. Not recommended if you are on a diet. But hey, its Christmas. And you must try that Baileys Molten Lava Cake.

Many thanks to 3 Inch Sin for the invitation.

3 Inch Sin
9 Raffles Boulevard
Millenia Walk
Contact : 6333 4562
Website : http://www.3inchsin.com/